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estrogen dominance

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    Any experience with Natpro Progesterone?

    Hi all, 37 y/o female here, 5'7 I've found a couple posts mentioning the use of Natpro but was wondering if anyone could give me an updated experience on it? I am suffering from recurring fibroids/polyps, mid cycle spotting. Had a D&C last year but the spotting came back and so did the fibroids...
  2. H

    Progest-e dosages for a girl w est/androgen dominance

    Hi, I'm an 18 year old girl w crazy bad suspected estrogen dominance resulting in mood issues, crazy heavy painful periods, painful ovulation and acne. I also have hirsutism so I suspect that my androgen levels are super high (I know what Peat says about estrogen dominance eventually causing...
  3. V

    Progest-E Dosing For Estrogen Dominance

    I'll try to keep it short: Diagnosed a few years ago (after childbirth) with Hashimoto's. Started NDT currently at 2.5 grains, this stopped me from being a walking zombie but still don't feel my best--after noticing my ups and downs seemed to follow hormonal cycle of my period I read more and...