1. TruffleGnocchi

    Advice wanted for TRT (not seeking medical advice)

    An older person I know has non-functioning testosterone production, zero production from balls. I got him some testosterone, different esters, will recommend using shorter esters daily but bought longer esters if he will insist on not doing daily injections. Also got him exemestene. My question...
  2. haidut

    Increased Cholesterol Esterification As A Cause Of Alzheimer Disease (AD)

    Peat's most recent newsletter was on the topic of cholesterol and its increased esterification as a possible cause of the many pathologies that occur with aging. Nov 2018: Dr. Peat Talks About Cholesterol Esters Causing Aging One of the organs most vulnerable to cholesterol esterification is...
  3. haidut

    Estrogen+PUFA Esters May Drive Obesity; Most Doctors Have Not Even Heard Of Them

    An unassailable dogma in endocrinology is that menopause is characterized by low estrogen levels. The fact that plasma levels are only indicative of ovarian activity is conveniently overlooked, as is the fact that fat tissue grows after menopause and fat is the primary source of estrone (estrone...
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