1. PopSocket

    How to properly use Methylene Blue ? Succinic acid, avoid graying of hair, sexual function, lower serotonin etc

    Feeling fantastic on 10-15mg per day, feel fully connected to the Universe so to speak. After many years of optimizing the organism it seems like MB is like the cherry on the top and bringing about all the benefits of lowered stress and improved metabolic function. Skin and hair looking great...
  2. Hans

    Viagra not working? Do this!

    Last week I posted about vitamin D and erectile dysfunction. I discussed this in there, but want to put more emphasis on this point.
  3. T

    Weakened erection during sex after high dose of iodine from Norwegian kelp email to Ray included

    Hey all, I emailed this to Ray Peat but I hope someone can chime in here as well: "Dear Dr. Peat, I will donate 5 dollars to your PayPal account. I'm very worried about my physical state, I took 750 mcg of iodine or even more (I forgot the exact dosage) from a Norwegian kelp supplement for 4...
  4. username

    Erectile dysfunction at 29. No morning wood for years (unless eating lots of starch and fat before bed).

    I am 29 years old. I come from adhering fairly strictly to the carnivore diet for almost 3 years. I would cheat from time to time. I started eating more carbs and more peaty things around 6 months ago. Morning wood is very uncommon for me and has been for many years. I have noticed the only time...
  5. Lokzo

    Elevated Serum Estradiol Levels May Impair Erectile Function

    Erectile dysfunction attributable to testosterone deficiency is less common in young males, and the effect of estradiol on erectile function in eugonadal young males is unclear. We analyzed data from 195 male participants, including 143 eugonadal patients with erectile dysfunction and 52...
  6. J

    Honey And Dairy Kill Libido And Ability To Get Erection

    Any idea why? Carbs from starch or fruits don't do it. I have to mention that the honey is raw (all honey in Germany is), and I was fairly allergic to pollen honey (clogged nose) so I switched to forest honey(?), which seemed to make the reaction go away, but it still killed my libido. Dairy...
  7. J

    How Much Dietary Fat Do You Actually Need For Hormones?

    I haven't found a good thread on this, but read a few posts of people saying their T skyrockets on a low-fat diet, which goes against what you hear in a lot of communities, being that fat is a very important precursor for hormones. I myself am experiencing with a lower-fat diet at the moment to...
  8. Lokzo

    I Used Shockwave Therapy On My Penis For Stronger Erections

    Hey peat fans, Lucas here. Naturopathic doctor based in Melbourne, Australia. You probably know me for starting this thread (Icing/Cooling My Testicles Has Been AMAZING!). However, today I want to take a moment to talk to you about Shockwave/Acoustic wave Therapy for erection enhancements...
  9. Libra guy

    How To Get Erection That Points To The Ceiling

    I have tried everything i get hard erections but they only go straight out what needs to be done to get those pornstar like hard ons and does anyone elses erection ust go straight like arrow?
  10. haidut

    5-AR Inhibitor Drugs Like Finasteride Cause Persistent ED And Lower Testosterone

    The FDA has denied for decades that the mainstream drugs for hair loss (MPB) and benign prostate enlargement (BPH) cause any persistent problems. It was in the minds of the users, the FDA said. Upon discontinuation, the problems were said to disappear within 2-4 weeks. But the reports on long...
  11. B

    Nitric Oxide And Morning Wood

    I've read in several places that strong morning erection is a sign of good health and sex drive. However, I'm curious about the mechanism involved, and after thinking about nitric oxide recently, I began to wonder if that's the major player involved. From what Peat says, nitric oxide is like a...