1. RealNeat

    Best clot dissolving methods? DVT, calcification, fibrosis etc..

    What's the best ways you have found to not only prevent but reverse these conditions? Enzymes like serrapeptase and nattokinase come up a lot but are there risks? Could the clot become dislodged because of these methods and actually cause more damage? Is aspirin safe or could it make matters...
  2. Sapien

    Just found out about emulsifiers in fortified milk, best alternative for casein protein?

    Seems as though nothing is untainted in our modern food supply, such a disgrace. what are best alternatives to fortified milk? Some solutions I have thought of were powdered milk ( is that fortified? Hard to tell.) , cheese (although I think peat cautions against most cheeses due to the...
  3. Mauritio

    Cistanche increases steroidogenic enzymes, lowers NO, helps osteoporosis and Alzheimer's

    I posted these studies in another thread, but I feel they deserve their own thread as they show that cistanche is helping the body on a systemic level. A few new studies on cistanche tubulosa: This one shows that cistanche increases biosynthesis of testosterone by increasing important...
  4. Twohandsondeck

    Digestive Enzyme Success Stories Anyone?

    I finally gave in and ordered some. There are some notable health figures that I know of who swear up and down about using properly cultured (e.g. expensive) enzymes. Simplest theory I heard is that the body has a pool of them and when we take extra, especially in a fasted state, that they are...
  5. haidut

    Ketotifen Can Reverse Pancreatic Damage And Improve Digestion

    Many people on the forum have reported struggling with poor digestion, and some have experienced relief by taking digestive enzymes. Peat and many other researchers have written about the connection between poor digestion and virtually all chronic conditions. The pancreas can get damaged by a...
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