1. cs3000

    11b-HSD1 inhibitors don't lower cortisol levels? increased ACTH response

    a lot of people try to lower cortisol this way. But these studies with a 11b-hsd1 inhibitor given to humans shows plasma cortisol levels stay the same regardless and ACTH levels rise. (ACTH rises in response to the lower conversion of cortisone -> cortisol from the enzyme inhibition, so with...
  2. ecstatichamster

    What's Wrong With "enzymes" In Cheese?

    Ray has pointed out that more and more foods are made differently today, with new technology. Then someone begins reacting to the food. Like examples are pulpless orange juice, Armour thyroid, and even cheese. Do you know if the "enzymes" added to almost all inexpensive cheeses today are safe...
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