1. haidut

    Chronic Stress / Defeat Causes Mental Illness By Damaging Mitochondria

    Yet another study demonstrating that mental illness has little to do with genetics, and is likely entirely due to energetic deficiency caused by environmental stress. This energetic deficiency is caused by mitochondrial damage caused by said stress. Keeping lipolysis and/or PUFA intake low can...
  2. haidut

    Morphostasis Theory Of Immunity Confirmed - Body Treats Heart Attack Like Viral Infection

    Peat has touched upon his views of the immune system in several articles, mostly related to autoimmune disease. In his view, the role of the immune system is not so much to "attack" foreign pathogens that threaten the organism, but is more akin to sanitation workers who clean up trash and other...
  3. haidut

    Red Light Treats PTSD By Upregulating Cytochrome C And Brain Oxygenation

    The US military has been pouring a lot of money into PTSD research, and especially non-chemical treatments. The official estimates, which are likely downsized due to political concerns, are that about 25% - 30% of combat veterans suffer from some stage of PTSD. The prescribed SSRI drugs are...