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emf protection

  1. BestSinceDAYONE

    Best Ways to Fight EMF / Ionizing Radiation

    Let me preface this before anything, that I never used to believe in this type of effect causing major damage to people...but let's just say I have felt the exact effects and I notice EXACTLY when I am getting hit with something, major migraine, fatigue, burning sensations etc. My question is...
  2. Energizer

    EMF-shielding fabric

    Wondering if anyone here has any product recommendations for electromagnetic frequency shielding curtains. Something you've used for at least a month.
  3. ndn

    Emf (computer , Phone Etc) Radiation Solutions

    I see a lot of things on the market for cell phone computer etc radiation... are any of them legit . Is it possible to have someone versed in electronics or whatever build something to neutralize an entire area -I live in new York city , the power has went out in the bottom half of the island...