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electric shaver

  1. x-ray peat

    EMF From Electric Shavers Have A 11:1 Odds Ratio Of Causing Cancer

    Self-reported Electrical Appliance Use and Risk of Adult Brain Tumors | American Journal of Epidemiology | Oxford Academic Ever use of an electric shaver was significantly associated with meningioma in males (OR = 10.9, 95 percent CI: 2.3, 50); however, this estimate was based on only two...
  2. raypeatclips

    Peat Says Electric Shavers, Hairdryers Dangerous

    Wasn't sure where to post this exactly, but I wanted to make people aware of a clip I have come across today, which has surprised me. As someone that has used an electric shaver almost daily for many years it was a shock to hear Peat mention electric shavers in such a negative way. I am going to...