1. M

    Eating Eggs Always Makes Me Tired

    i have finally realized the culprit to random fatigue after lunch. It seems to be anytime i have eggs i need to take a nap after. along with brain fog for the rest of the day. I only eat organic pasture raised eggs.. i figured that was the best. but it doesnt seem like that works. is it bad...
  2. 3

    "Ray Peat" Protein Pancakes

    Extremely simple pancake mix I came up with: - 60g Masa Harina - Large whole Egg (Or egg white only + saturated fat, I like the eggy taste) - 60g Lactose Free Whole Milk (Lactose free for subtle sweetness) - 60g Lactose Free Low Fat Quark not Soured (Lactose free for subtle sweetness) - Baking...
  3. mmartian

    Eggs/Choline Causing Twitching in Calf & Jaw/Tooth Pain

    I've been having a battle with eggs and choline. I started realizing that eggs help me sleep, but ever since I ate 7 eggs in one day 2 years ago (and got a short bout of insomnia from that large amount), I started having constant small, painless twitching mostly in my leg calf muscles. I also...
  4. Hans

    Why the PUFA and cholesterol in eggs are not a problem

    Here is the research on why I don't think the PUFA from eggs is a problem.
  5. Vajra

    Becoming aversive to milk and eggs?

    For 2 weeks or so I've been doing a bit of a SIBO cleanse with berberine, oregano oil, black cumin seed extract, and flowers of sulfur for a few days at the start. This is the only factor that has really changed in my diet. My tongue has very gradually become less white. Dairy, aside from salty...
  6. jpgio

    Consistent Negative reaction to foods high in vitamin A or beta carotene

    Whenever I eat foods high in vitamin A I have very bad side effects, vertigo, dizziness. This usually happens when I have eat more than one vitamin a/beta carotene rich food in a day i.e eggs and spinach. I basically only eat spinach for vitamin k. Eating liver causes a more extreme reaction...
  7. pauljacob

    Eggs Under Attack Again

    An short article in the Atlantic says that intestinal bacteria convert Choline in eggs into a compound that correlates strongly with heart disease, stroke, and death. The study implicates Carnitine and Choline. It seems that business-backed studies are hitting on eggs again as a killer. Here's...
  8. Rinse & rePeat

    EASY "PEATY" PROTEINS - Recipes with photos & Step By Step Instructions

    "Besides fasting, or chronic protein deficiency, the common causes of hypothyroidism are excessive stress or “aerobic” (i.e. anaerobic) exercise, and diets containing beans, lentils, nuts, unsaturated fats (including carotene), and undercooked broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and mustard greens...

    Make Sure Your Eggs Are Soy-Free!

    Just found out that Vital Farms is feeding their chickens "unprocessed soymeal." Absolutely diabolical. Thankfully I easily found an organic brand that is soy-free, and I have switched over for good. Be careful out there, lads.
  10. youngsinatra

    Chest Pains After Egg Consumption?

    Hey guys, I'm observing an interesting sensation: every time I eat whole eggs, I get this kind of chest pain that lasts for a few hours, sometimes even until the next morning. I don't feel that comfortable with this and also makes me a bit concerned about my heart health. Back when I was...
  11. pauljacob

    Eggs Fried In Butter

    Dr. Peat mentioned in his Kmud 9.18.9 interview, that regular store eggs cannot be considered saturated because they are fed a PUFA feed. I'm Vegetarian and rely on 2 eggs a day for my protein, and my questions is: can frying eggs in butter neutralize or reduce the impact of PUFA in the eggs or not?
  12. haidut

    Cholesterol And SFA Are Anabolic; PUFA/MUFA Akin To Chemical Castration

    A pair of interesting study and a commentary in the highly respected Journals of Gerontology. Namely, higher cholesterol intake is associated with much higher lean muscle mass accrual as a result of weight lifting. Interestingly, higher protein intake was not. Even more interestingly, and much...
  13. haidut

    Fertility Depends On Metabollism (ATP), Not Age

    As many of you know, there are 2 fundamental dogmas in reproductive medicine. One is that every woman is born with a fixed number of eggs and those cannot be replenished. The second one is that there is a biological fertility clock in every woman that inexorably ticks, and if the female does not...
  14. Mito

    Dietary Cholesterol Contained In Whole Eggs Is Not Well Absorbed

    Abstract Whole egg is a food source of dietary cholesterol and inconsistent research findings exist about the effect of dietary cholesterol from whole egg on blood cholesterol concentration. We assessed the effect of co-consuming cooked whole egg (CWE) on dietary cholesterol absorption from two...
  15. haidut

    Eating 12 Eggs A Week Does Not Increase Risk Of Heart Disease

    This study probably won't come as surprise to forum users given what Ray has said and written about cholesterol. Without much fanfare, after more than 60 years of officially demonizing cholesterol in 2017 the FDA quietly reversed its position on recommending avoiding cholesterol. However, to...
  16. P

    Skeletal Muscle Phosphatidylcholine And Phosphatidylethanolamine Are Related To Insulin Sensitivity

    And the difference is big! 100% and 50% for each ,compared to subjects with higher insulin sensitivity. Egg yolks/milk and liver are rich source of these phospholipids. But yolks are the richest. Skeletal muscle phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine are related to insulin...
  17. haidut

    Protein Quality, Not Genes, Determine Male Height

    I posted a study on the height of Dutch men - a well studied phenomenon officially explained by genes, but recently recast as one possibly due to diet. Dutch People Gained 20cm Of Height In Just 150 Years Now this new study adds more evidence to the diet hypothesis as it found a population in...
  18. F

    Eggs Cut Chances Of Stroke. Massive New Study Confirms
  19. Amazoniac

    Bioavailability Of Egg Components

    <Failed finger snap> <Successful finger snap with metal collision sound> 'ear them now: I got to this table because of the vit b12 availability study cited: Something relevant mainly for...
  20. Amazoniac

    Eggs: soft boiling or poaching?

    A lot of people here consume eggs on a regular basis. The discussion is not new: soft boiling or poaching? In both methods the yolk remains intact and is not overcooked. Inside the egg shell there's naturally present water, so we're not comparing dry heat versus moist heat. In Dr Peat's...
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