1. haidut

    Lifestyle, not age, rules cognitive function...

    ...whether you are 18 or 80. Yes, I know it is hard to believe this statement but that is the conclusion of the study after examining the link between lifestyle (and environment) and cognitive function in a group of people with ages spanning the 18-89 years interval. The conclusion of the study...
  2. Grapelander

    Smartest Generation Ever

    UNBELIEVABLE: Young Americans Don't Know ANYTHING... AGAIN 3x3x3 = ?
  3. B

    Bill Maher on Higher Education and Olympic Games

  4. haidut

    We Learn Faster When Our Choices Aren't Forced / Influenced

    One of the most popular quotes by Peat states that "The attempt to steer a person can make it hard for them to move, because it inactivates their own guidance system". While he said it in the context of authoritarian systems designed to force/elicit specific actions from people, I have long...
  5. haidut

    Leisure And Desire Required For Intelligence, Knowledge And Progress

    As many of you know, back in the 1970s Peat established something called Blake College in Mexico. Its goal was to provide an environment for true learning, free form the the constraints and dogmatism of modern academia driven by commercial and political interests. In one of his articles, Peat...
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