1. Max.

    Vitamin D Causing ED And Huge Anxiety

    I have serious case of low vitamin D arround 15 ng/ml, but every time i take vitamn D, i start to develop ED, drop in libido, and huge anxiety, i only become normal after 1-2weeks after stop taking that dose. I can't take sunbathing at this moment, my only solution is supplements I tried use...
  2. haidut

    Aspirin As Effective As Viagra For ED, But With Much Fewer Side Effects

    Yet another blockbuster drug may turn out to be nothing more than a well-marketed gimmick, which while not entirely a scam can be replaced with cheaper, safer alternatives that also have much lower potential for side effects. The drug in question is Viagra, and the humble, just-as-effective...
  3. haidut

    Human Study - Aspirin Effective For Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

    I am starting to wonder if there is anything aspirin can't do. Maybe we should all stock up on aspirin before FDA declares aspirin to be an "experimental drug" (as it did with pyridoxamine) and pulls it off the shelves. The dose used was low (100mg), so it may not even need extra vitamin K to...