1. haidut

    Exhaustive eccentric exercise (EEE), such as running, causes hyperlipidemia and liver damage

    ...and vitamin D can apparently reverse those negative effects, when given at a dose of just 2,000 IU daily during the exercise time period. In addition, the vitamin D supplementation resulted in a significantly bigger weight (fat) loss than the group doing only exercise. I think the biggest...
  2. Sapien

    How to decrease systemic serotonin induced by weightlifting?

    Young male seeking to build muscle not only for aesthetic purposes but also it’s ability to increase metabolism :) After a hard, likley “catabolic” workout (from the eccentric stuff), is there a way to lower serotonin that is released in the blood stream? Peat article- Tryptophan, Serotonin...
  3. P

    Effect Of Eccentric Versus Concentric Exercise Training On Mitochondrial Function INTRODUCTION: The effect of eccentric (ECC) versus concentric (CON) training on metabolic properties in skeletal muscle is understood poorly. We determined the responses in oxidative capacity and mitochondrial H2 O2 production after eccentric...
  4. P

    Concentric Vs Eccentric Exercise

    Eccentric muscle contraction induces greater oxidative stress in skeletal muscle, because migrating inflammatory cells enhanced generation of ROS another one compare two type of exercise - Gene Shifting? cant understand it very well...