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    "Ray Peat" Protein Pancakes

    Extremely simple pancake mix I came up with: - 60g Masa Harina - Large whole Egg (Or egg white only + saturated fat, I like the eggy taste) - 60g Lactose Free Whole Milk (Lactose free for subtle sweetness) - 60g Lactose Free Low Fat Quark not Soured (Lactose free for subtle sweetness) - Baking...
  2. Rinse & rePeat

    "Peaty" Fruits & Vegetables - Easy Step By Step Recipes (Photos)

    "Generally, fruits, roots, and tubers provide a high concentration of nutrients along with low concentrations of toxic antimetabolic substances." -Ray Peat I hear so often people frustratingly say, "What do you eat on this diet?". Last night I brought up this topic to my husband and said, "what...