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  1. haidut

    Muscular dystrophy may be driven by estrogen

    Aside from implicating estrogen in yet another "mysterious" chronic, incurable condition the study below is also worth considering due to the fact that the cases it looked at were all "hereditary" muscular dystrophy. Why put hereditary in quotes? Well, because as the study makes it quite clear...
  2. haidut

    Estrogen causes prostate fibrosis (cancer?), DHT prevents/treats it

    Slowly, but surely, the myth of the "evil" dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and the "beneficial" estrogen, when it comes to prostate health, is going the way of the dodo. In fact, people I know who work in research circles say that the "androgen hypothesis" in prostate cancer is no longer being taken...
  3. haidut

    Aspirin Lowers Estrogen Levels / Load / Burden

    It is known that aspirin can inhibit the activation of the enzyme aromatase, which is activates by things like stress and prostaglandins. However, studies showing direct effects of aspirin on estrogenic burden / load in humans are lacking. Speaking of estrogenic burden / load, as I mentioned in...