1. haidut

    Exposure To Fluoride Actually Damages Teeth, Even At Low Concentrations

    Most adults are familiar with the much-publicized (and advertised) claims of public health authorities about the purported benefits of fluoride exposure for dental health. The official story is that by adding fluoride to tap water, people's teeth are exposed to "low" concentration of fluoride...
  2. haidut

    Some ALS Cases May Be Cured By Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)

    A rather fascinating case study/report, which, despite its misleading and convoluted description, suggests yet again that motor neuron diseases such as Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) are nothing but severe mitochondrial/energetic dysfunction that can often be remediated quite easily. This is...
  3. haidut

    Energy Deficiency Due To Stress Causes Anxiety, Panic Disorders, And Subbordination

    This is a great study on so many levels. First, it directly demonstrates that chronic stress leads to mitochondrial dysfunction and reduced oxidative phosphorylation. Second, it demonstrates that glucocorticoids (cortisol) are a direct cause of this energy production downregulation. Third, it...
  4. haidut

    Supplementation With (long Chain) Saturated Fats Protects Liver From Alcohol

    As many of my readers already know, there are a number of human studies, going back to at least the 1960s, demonstrating that supplementation with saturated fats (SFA) protects the liver from damage induced by alcohol. I fact, supplementation with SFA not only prevents alcohol-induced liver...
  5. haidut

    Osteoporosis Is Caused By Mitochondrial Dysfunction Driven By Nitric Oxide (NO)

    Let’s repeat the mantra one more time – structure and function cannot be separated, they are mutually dependent at every level of reality/life. As such, it is little surprise (to us) that a structural disorder like osteoporosis may be caused by a deficiency in energy production. Yet, despite...
  6. haidut

    Bladder Dysfunction And Incontinence Likely Due To Endotoxin (TLR4)

    Ray has mentioned a few times over email to people that bladder irritation or even kidney problems are likely due to increased endotoxin load. My urologists friends laugh so hard when I mention this in our discussions, but lately they seem more gloomy than amused. I suspect that this new study...
  7. haidut

    Treatment-resistant Depression Caused By Metabolic Dysfunction

    While the news article quotes one of the more notable cases caused by folic acid deficiency, the study actually looked at a broader metabolic picture and found improvements in all people who got treated for the specific metabolic dysfunction. So, the conclusion at least from this study is quite...
  8. haidut

    Autism linked to gut dysfunction

    If true, this will be very ironic as the medical establishment condemned HIV discoverer Luc Montagnier for his statements that autism is tied to gut dysfunction and can sometimes be successfully treated with antibiotics. In addition, the study provides some confirmation of Ray's writings that...
  9. haidut

    Adrenergic dysfunction may be the cause of all "addictions"

    Obviously, chronic stress is the most likely cause behind chronically elevated adrenalin levels, as is low blood sugar. This boosts the validity "Rat Park Experiment" and the theory behind it, which showed that rats used "addictive" substances only when under stress, and stop using them when...
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