1. youngsinatra

    How To Improve The Microbiome Diversity (Community List)

    Hello everyone, I thought it would be cool to collect ideas on how to improve the composition and diversity of our microbiome and let this be a place where everyone can add supplements, activities, lifestyle factors or specific foods or dietary regimens that either.. a. have been shown in...
  2. V

    My sweat smells like ammonia

    I have had strong body odor, like ammonia for last years. This is something that I didn't suffer when I was teenager, It starts when I was 23-24 yo after several years of gut dysbiosis, diffuse thinning hair and lack of energy. Could this odor symptom be related with an excess of protein...
  3. haidut

    CamphoSal - Liquid Camphoric Acid + Salol

    As many readers know, Peat has written extensively on the benefits of antibiotics and on keeping the GI tract as free of bacteria as possible. Bacterial overgrowth in the colon alone is already a problem due to the production of endotoxin, but in hypothyroid people this bacterial overgrowth can...
  4. haidut

    Supplementation With (long Chain) Saturated Fats Protects Liver From Alcohol

    As many of my readers already know, there are a number of human studies, going back to at least the 1960s, demonstrating that supplementation with saturated fats (SFA) protects the liver from damage induced by alcohol. I fact, supplementation with SFA not only prevents alcohol-induced liver...
  5. haidut

    Soluble Fiber Causes Liver Cancer, Insoluble And Antibiotics Prevent/stop It

    Perhaps one of the most controversial topics in Peat-land is fiber. Over the years he has consistently recommended insoluble fiber, such as found in carrots/mushrooms/bamboo, while recommending explicitly against soluble fiber such as pectin and other fermentable starches. I think in one of his...
  6. haidut

    Gut Dysbiosis May Cause Autism Through Cortisol And Serotonin

    The bad news about cortisol and serotonin just keep on coming. Aside from causing liver cancer and tinnitus, now these two chemicals have also been implicated in autism. Well, the link between serotonin and autism is not new and I posted a few studies in the past showing that serotonin...