1. P

    Best diet for Husky with autoimmune

    To clarify, I’ve diagnosed him, I’m not a vet. Any thoughts on a diet that can help a Husky with autoimmune / Hyperkeratosis symptoms- cracked and peeling nose that has lost its pigment (went from black to pink), little growths around snout and lips, also presents with hardened, thick skin on...
  2. Mauritio

    Selegiline also effective for anti-aging in dogs

    Good news for the anti-aging crowd: Selegiline also works as an anti-aging drug in dogs. Now it has been shown to be effective in four different species (hamsters, rats, mice and dogs), which shows that it acts on a fundamental, evolutionary conserved mechanism, which makes it more likely that...
  3. liamdavis

    Hormone replacement for ‘fixed’ pets? (cats/dogs)

    Both of my cats are ‘fixed’. The male had his testes removed at birth and the female had her ovaries removed at 1 year of age. The male is 5 years old and the female is 2. We adopted both cats after the fact. I want them to have the best lives possible (they are very good friends to me) and I...
  4. Jayvee

    Reactive Dog - Reducing Stress protocol?

    Hi, Hoping someone here could help. I adopted a dog last August, She was 'rescued' from Romania and bought to the UK (in not very nice conditions I have since learned) where she was spaded and spent a few weeks in a rehoming centre. On reflection, I can see this was possibly unethical and she...
  5. Sefton10

    Androgens For Castrated Dog?

    Our dachshund (now 4 and a half) was castrated pretty early as a pup. One of his testicles hadn't descended properly and we were advised by the vet to get it done as there was a risk of cancer the longer it was left. I know now this was probably an error and we should have gotten a second...
  6. haidut

    Dogs, Primates, And Maybe Even Humans Can Sense Magnetic Fields

    Ray wrote in one of his articles about Russian research showing that dogs can be used to discover underground metals. He said that this ability cannot be explained by the sense of smell but rather seems to be due to ability of dogs to perceive electromagnetic fields. This research seems to...