1. S

    Uncoupler DNP Causing Peripheral Neuropathy, How?

    Hello I have done a couple of DNP cycles and i also know alot of people that have done them. It seems like some people gets PN(peripheral neuropathy) from DNP. I myself also got that after my last cycle so i stopped. I got it in my fingers and mostly feet. I was wondering if anyone here has...
  2. haidut

    Aspirin Comparable To DNP As Mitochondrial Uncoupler

    This image is from the study I posted on the effects of aspirin on GI tract. As you can see from the attached image, aspirin increased mitochondrial respiration by 300% while DNP increased it by 400%. However, the authors stated that this concentration of DNP is not safe and in reality most...
  3. N

    Research Rediscovers Dnp: Reverses Nafld And Type 2 Diabetes (in Rats) ... sease-rats