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    Low BP and Blood Sugar with High Cortisol

    Hi All, I'm stumped. My BP recently dropped dramatically and coincided with a big drop in blood sugar. Diet was unchanged. Supplements unchanged (been on Thyroid for about 1 year). I was using about 0.5mg Cyproheptadine alongside the thyroid but came off. I've since reintroduced and...
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    Asking help for girlfriend, she's on 30 mg of methylphenidate for ADHD and hears voices in her head

    Hey all, my girlfriend suffers from ADHD and she takes 30 mg of methylphenidate for it everyday, and she has been taking it since childhood. She's 18 now. She hears voices telling her to harm herself, harm me and me housemate. Actual commands. When she is alone, she hears these voices the most...