1. L

    Does Anyone Know Anything About The "novel" Disinfectant Being Sprayed Throughout The World?

    I hope I'm not bordering on hysteria but... I heard that something called "Accelerated" Hydrogen Peroxide is being sprayed everywhere to disinfect surfaces from the virus. It is produced by a company called Virox based in Canada, distributed by a company called Diversey, which is owned by Bain...
  2. haidut

    CamphoSal - Liquid Camphoric Acid + Salol

    As many readers know, Peat has written extensively on the benefits of antibiotics and on keeping the GI tract as free of bacteria as possible. Bacterial overgrowth in the colon alone is already a problem due to the production of endotoxin, but in hypothyroid people this bacterial overgrowth can...