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  1. SOMO

    Dying of AIDS and Cancer - not joking. Proton Therapy ($2500) may be my last hope. Anyone able to donate?

    RAY PEAT DIET/LIFE. Dying of AIDS & Cancer. NOT A JOKE. I need to survive and thrive. Don't want to die at age 31. https://www.paypal.me/SOMO1 CASH APP username: $SOMOx In the last 2 months I blew through 20K in savings on medical expenses, expensive supplements, organic healthy food...
  2. haidut

    Children Conceived In Winter Have Much Higher Risk Of Autism

    Not sure why the study considers January to May to be winter months, but this is yet another study that links maternal metabolism (and serotonin) to autism. The official explanation is increased flu infection and lower vitamin D levels in the winter. While these may be contributing factors, I...