1. F

    Cholinergics are the only thing that makes my digestion move

    Trying to figure out a good solution for a dilemma I have. On one hand, I don’t like taking nicotine because of the dependence factor and potential for negative hormonal impact On the other, the cholinergic stimulation (I assume) is seemingly the only thing that makes my digestion move. On...
  2. youngsinatra

    How To Improve The Microbiome Diversity (Community List)

    Hello everyone, I thought it would be cool to collect ideas on how to improve the composition and diversity of our microbiome and let this be a place where everyone can add supplements, activities, lifestyle factors or specific foods or dietary regimens that either.. a. have been shown in...
  3. Outdoctrination

    How serotonin is the primary driver of digestive problems (and how to address it)

    I had absolutely debilitating digestive problems for years. I went to all of the “top GI docs'' and they had NO answers. They said we don’t know what’s wrong with you. One even told me it was all in my head. Take pill, drink water, eat fiber, take probiotics, etc. I was furious. I even tried...
  4. J

    Betaine HCL with Multivitamin

    Anyone know if I can combine the Betaine HCL with my multivitamin during lunch or dinner? I noticed I do not digest the vitamin pills completely. Will a multivitamin lessen the acidic effect since it may contain calcium and other alkaline vitamins? Thanks in advance.
  5. J

    Artichoke extract, yellow stool

    Hi guys! I'm asking for my mother but why would Artichoke extract make the stool colour go from brown to yellow? I thought it was suppose to help bile flow. And yellow stool would indicate lack of bile no? So what is this extract doing if not improving that? Should she continue? She...
  6. Peatful

    Observation and conclusion : Lost weight lately…. And…i feel…..

    Absolutely miserable This weight loss was unintentional It’s a result of better digestion and or less irritating foods So even with better digestion And less inflammation I feel..not good Irritable Fatigued Unmotivated Anxious a wee bit too Something said to be fat and happy Hx: was...
  7. A

    Nystatin Experiences

    Hi everyone, I was speaking to a friend who is Hypothyroid like myself (My TSH is 2.2). She mentioned that her Doctor prescribed her Nystatin tablets due to having yeast issues, and Nystatin was very helpful for her especially with Digestion (less bloating), less hairloss and itching around...
  8. P

    Sweating/High Temps After High Starch/Hight Fat Meals

    Anytime I eat high starch/high fat meals (eg. pizza, Italian food, etc) I begin sweating profusely almost immediately afterwards. This is accompanied by high temps (99.5 oral) and heart palpitations. Obviously, the solution to this problem is not to eat high starch/high fat meals -- and I...
  9. V

    Starch-free diet with enough calories for fixing digestion

    Would it be possible to follow a starch-free, high-carbohydrate diet by adding plenty of honey? Has anyone been doing it for quite some time and has it helped improve their digestion? I was planning to do 3 meals per day based on meat (150-200g) fried with butter (2 tablespoons) and honey (4...
  10. Saphire

    Estrogen issues

    Hello, I am a 50 yo women who has had one ovary taken out in 2003 & an oblation procedure 2005. I have been dealing with estrogen dominance since 2019. I have tried many things with no relief. My Dr did a saliva test and said my progesterone was very low. At the time I had been taking...
  11. T

    Activated Charcoal With Probiotic Encapsulation

    Many probiotics today are formulated with specific capsules or coating designed to make it into the colon unscathed. Being that one of the major downsides from consistent activated charcoal use is that it will also bind to "good" nutrients in our small intestine, could we negate these downsides...
  12. J

    Apple cider vinegar in small intestine...

    Can someone explain to me what happens to Apple cider vinegar once it gets to the small intestine? Does it remain acidic there? I've had luck with it helping digestion but my main issue is bacterial overgrowth in intestines. I want something to travel to the small intestine and nuke all the...
  13. A

    Best tolerated Sugar for SIBO/Candida Patients

    I have SIBO and perhaps candida issues due to being hypothyroid. This may be why I can't tolerate sugars and artificial sweeteners. I get extreme stomach bloat, back pain, scalp itch and diarrhea(from artificial sweeteners) . I have tried white and brown sugar, honey, agave, maple, stevia...
  14. J

    What happens after gastritis?

    So what happens after the inflammation from chronic gastritis is gone? Does one naturally produce more stomach acids if one was lacking that? Or is it so damaged that it can no longer function as normal? Does one need to heal the lining? Thanks in advance!
  15. cs3000

    Taurine 30mg/kg improves fat digestion / absorption ~20% (bile connection)

    https://www.nature.com/articles/pr19852006.pdf?origin=ppub ^ Looks useful for people who get fatty stools / problems with low bile. Taurine conjugates fat soluable bile acids produced by the liver & gives them an added water soluble property which helps in the process of fat absorption through...
  16. Outdoctrination

    Job opportunity in bioenergetics!

    Hey guys, I've posted about this before on here but wanted to send out another discussing this opportunity. We are creating a startup in order to help treat functional GI disorders using a bioenergetic approach. If you have experience or a degree in the field or in a related science and are...
  17. C

    Fermenting oats (aka sourdough oats) for better digestion.

    Any one else given this a try? Have been preparing oats this way recently and they seem to be gentler on the digestive system. Worth a try!
  18. J


    Can anyone be so kind to tell me if TUDCA is alkaline in nature once in the stomach. I had a terrible reaction to Bile salts because my stomach is so alkaline and caused my SIBO/Candida to blow up. The reason for the SIBO is because my digestive system is a mess after going through long term...
  19. B

    How do I substitute protein?

    So basically my stomach is not producing any acid at all. I get diarrhea, extreme bloating and undigested food in my stool. I lost a lot of weight and muscle until I started drinking 2 liters of orange juice along with 300 grams of glucose per day to maintain adequate caloric intake. I also...
  20. L

    (HELP) Pregnancy Troubles

    Hey, My wife got pregnant 2 months ago and now I am concerned about what should she not take. She is on a "Peat's diet" since november 2021. After pregnancy, she is having issues to digest milk. Overall, she eats milk, OJ, potatoes, fruits, white rice, sugar, fish, red meat, liver, bread...
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