1. J

    Wild Salmon Fixed Dry Skin and Improved Digestion

    Been on a very low PUFA and restricted diet (mostly carnivore, but experimented a lot with carbs, no fish) for almost 2 years. I've had dry skin, especially on my knuckles for about 1 and a half years. I had read to eat more fat and so I did. Lamb fat, beef fat, but the more fat I ate, the...
  2. Lokzo

    Increasing Stomach Acid: Hacking Digestion

    Hey guys, I put together a video on various ways to INCREASE stomach acid production... check it out:
  3. fever257

    Huge step in gallbladder function w/ TUDCA - now what?

    Hey everyone, So I think I'll consider this an update to my last major post: Please Help: Endotoxin Overload & Post-parasite Gut Disaster . In this post, I described my persistent and near-debilitating gut issues. I long suspected the issue was rooted in some kind of dysbiosis / SIBO issue. I...
  4. H

    I am lactose intolerant - Goat's Milk, Cow's Milk, Sheep's Milk & Casein. What now?

    Hello! I recently took a Food Intolerance test and I discovered I can't tolerate Goat's Milk, Cow's Milk, Sheep's Milk & Casein. The doctor told me to give my body a break from milk for three months so it can rebuild producing the lactase enzymes and see how I feel from there. In the meantime...
  5. username

    Is it normal to get very pale stools from drinking lots of milk?

    I have consumed dairy regularly over the years, so it is nothing new for my body, but I never thought to ask if the pale stools were normal. I just assumed that it was, but so much is off about my digestion, so I figured I'd come here to ask. I get VERY pale stools from milk (whole or skim)...
  6. Soren

    Help Can't Eat Anything Debilitating Excess Saliva

    Long story short whenever I eat pretty much anything my body starts to produce excess saliva often to the point where it causes me to vomit. This has developed over the past 3 months and slowly got worse but yesterday it really was the worst ever. I ate a pizza and about 40 minutes later I threw...
  7. Soren

    Eating Liver Causing Allergic Reaction?

    For some reason whenever I take liver capsules I get an allergic like reaction in the form of excess saliva build up. It is really debilitating. The liver capsules themselves do not cause a reaction but for some reason whenever I eat anything for the rest of the day I'm coughing and clearing...
  8. Tristan Loscha

    Retarded Release Lecithin Benefits Patients With Chronic Active Ulcerative Colitis

    Gut. 2005 Jul; 54(7): 966–971. doi: 10.1136/gut.2004.052316 PMCID: PMC1774598 PMID: 15951544 Retarded release phosphatidylcholine benefits patients with chronic active ulcerative colitis W Stremmel,1 U Merle,1 A Zahn,1 F Autschbach,2 U Hinz,3 and R Ehehalt1 Author information Article notes...
  9. haidut

    CamphoSal - Liquid Camphoric Acid + Salol

    As many readers know, Peat has written extensively on the benefits of antibiotics and on keeping the GI tract as free of bacteria as possible. Bacterial overgrowth in the colon alone is already a problem due to the production of endotoxin, but in hypothyroid people this bacterial overgrowth can...
  10. GreekDemiGod

    A Wish For More Energy

    It's been almost 2 months since I got into peating. 2017 - 2019 I did a 'bodybuilding' diet 2018 my first forray into Keto / carb-cycling. 2019: 4 months on the Carnivore Diet. Fall 2019: peating Ever since my teenage years, I've had a wish for more physical energy, more vitality, less...
  11. F

    Even Minimal Zinc Deficiency Impairs Digestion

    Quotes are from the news release (Diet lacking in zinc is detrimental to human, animal health: Even moderate zinc deficiency is bad for digestion) of the study "Subclinical zinc deficiency impairs pancreatic digestive enzyme activity and digestive capacity of weaned piglets." (Subclinical zinc...
  12. S

    The Key To Controlling Bacterial Growth Is Nitrogen

    Low carb is not the way to go for a healthy gut flora... Eating just enough and not overdoing proteins seem to be key for a healthy gut microbiome. Besides proteins what can drive Nitrogen up during digestion? Eating less protein may help curb gut bacteria’s growth "Humans and other animals...
  13. haidut

    Ketotifen Can Reverse Pancreatic Damage And Improve Digestion

    Many people on the forum have reported struggling with poor digestion, and some have experienced relief by taking digestive enzymes. Peat and many other researchers have written about the connection between poor digestion and virtually all chronic conditions. The pancreas can get damaged by a...
  14. P

    Ginger Milk Curd - Cheese Recipe Using Ginger As Rennet - Fresh Ginger May Improve Protein Digestion

    so ginger's protease must be very good digestion aid for protein meal.making it more bioavailable. the quantity of fresh ginger they used is not that much. Ginger milk curd - Wikipedia Ginger milk curd -------------- sounds great especially if used with lactase milk, very easy digestion...
  15. haidut

    Depression Affects The Digestive System Health, Anxiety The Skin

    Ray has written quite extensively on the connection between intestinal inflammation and both mental disorders as well as skin health. There is a quote from him often appearing on the front page saying something along the lines that the health of the intestine is reflected in the physiology of...
  16. Dan Wich

    KMUD: 6-17-16 Authoritarianism

    A politically charged show this month, but it also includes some discussion on digestion and circulation.
  17. haidut

    Amazing Medicinal Properties Of Emodin

    This thread is similar to the one I created for beta-lapachone and in support of the Lapodin supplement I released. Lapodin: https://raypeatforum.com/community/threads/lapodin-dietary-supplement-with-beta-lapachone-and-emodin.9423/ Beta-lapachone...
  18. Parsifal

    FODMAPs (so Fructose, Lactose And Not Just Grains And Beans) Increase Bacterias Controling Fermentat

    So gut health is one of the most important thing. There are a lot of theories and alternative healing communities on the web like the leaky gut GAPS thing. People are saying that the gut is the 2nd brain and the flora is involved in a lot of different things like digestion (they produce enzymes...
  19. haidut

    Caffeine Increases Both Gastric Acid And Pepsin Levels

    I know several people on the forum taking digestive enzymes and Peat also wrote that low gastric acid is one of the main signs (and issues) in hypothyroidism. So, before you go and spend money on pepsin capsules and digestive enzymes, you may want to try caffeine with your meals. The study...
  20. haidut

    Amino Acid Supplementation For People With Poor Digestion

    This topic has come up repeatedly and recently forum member gbolduev raises the issue again, and forum member jyb suggested I post about it. It seems that due to hypothyroidism and other conditions, many people on the forum have a functional protein deficiency due to poor ability to digest...