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digestion issues

  1. V

    Parasite cleanse for ibs?

    Has anyone gone the route of trying to kill parasites for ibs, stuffy ears and nose, fatigue, diffuse thinning of hair, cold feet and anxiety? I have tried every diet approach and low carb helps but it's not enough. I have tried betain with no results, kolorex with tremendous worsening of...
  2. K

    Feedback on my labs: Low Ferritin, Low T4, High Inflammation Markers, etc.

    Hi all I’d love some feedback about my labs in relation to my symptoms, and also suggestions for how I can improve. I’ve included US results from October and European results from Nov 2022. Note: When converted from metric to imperial, there are likely some differences due to an increase of...
  3. H

    Thoughts on what causes Chronic Bile Reflux ?

    Hello I wanted to post this as a discussion point on the root cause and possible cure for Bile Reflux. I have not been diagnosed myself but I was wondering if anyone here was experiencing this as well, what your symptoms are and how you manage/treat the condition. In terms of what I think is...
  4. B

    How do I substitute protein?

    So basically my stomach is not producing any acid at all. I get diarrhea, extreme bloating and undigested food in my stool. I lost a lot of weight and muscle until I started drinking 2 liters of orange juice along with 300 grams of glucose per day to maintain adequate caloric intake. I also...
  5. B

    Yeast overgrowth!…Candida…Need suggestions..

    So something I feel is not addressed very well in the forum is Yeast issues/overgrowth or what comes to mind for many: Candida. I have the common white tongue and experience the usual symptoms most with this coating experience. Brain fog, bad breath, feeling off … I have read every post on...
  6. Hans

    From White To Clear: How I Transformed My Tongue In Only 8 Days

    I recently had a bad experience with food poisoning on top of a stressful day. In short, I got some digestive issues, which I was able to fix in no time with this stack. https://men-elite.com/2021/05/14/from-white-to-clear-how-i-transformed-my-tongue-in-only-8-days/