dietary fats

  1. B

    Modern Diet Myth No. 3: Seed oils cause heart disease

  2. P

    coconut oil butyric acid content

    one of the benefits peat mentions for coconut oil is its butyric acid but when i look at coconut oil on nutritiondata it has no butyric acid so i confused ,is it a miswrite in peat's article or the error is on nutrition data?
  3. Blinkyrocket

    Full Hydrogenation

    I just found out full hydrogenation completely removed polyunsaturated fat..... Is there a downside to this? Cuz it would seem hydrogenation is another thing that's been extremely demonized or whatever. I know partial hydrogenation creates trans fats, but if full hydrogenation just gets rid of...
  4. D

    If low fat diets increase PUFA release...

    Hi, sorry if this question seems dumb, I'm fairly new to this... I have been reading up on the studies on diets that increase the release of PUFAS from the body e.g low/almost no fat ones. My question is if you adopted this sort of diet and the release of PUFAS did indeed increase, would that...
  5. Velve921

    Uncomfortable stomach with Coconut Oil

    When someone does a tbsp of coconut oil in coffee for the first time and has an upset stomach...does that mean allergens? intense healing of the intestine? Any and all thoughts would be great?
  6. B

    Best oil/fats to use?

    I know "Peat says" And the sticky says Which means Peat blesses coconut oil, butter, lamb fat (and beef tallow too?), and macadamia oil+olive oil in moderation. So directly what I'm asking is: Are coconut oil, butter and beef+lamb fat all safe? Also it seems Peat doesn't like palm or...
  7. B

    Is macadamia nut butter safe?

    Like this: $9.50 for 220g, pretty affordable. Macadamias are unique due to their very low PUFA content and Peat says macadamia oil is safe, so is macadamia butter? :?:
  8. burtlancast

    Mechanism by which coconut oil promotes pregnenolone synthesis from cholesterol ?

    Ray mentioned that coconut oil lowers elevated cholesterol back to normal by promoting it’s conversion to pregnenolone. But how ? Is it by increasing the availability of glucose to the liver cells, enabling them to convert more T4 to T3 ? ( coconut oil shuts down liver fat synthesis, thus...
  9. A

    Coconut Oil- Refined Or Unrefined?

    Can someone tell me the difference between the 2 and why RP recommends refined?
  10. P

    Palm Kernel Oil As Substitute For Coconut Oil

    is it ok to use palm kernel oil as mct supplement and also for frying food? its very similar to coconut oil just a little bit more MUFA and more lauric acid than coconut oil coconut oil palm kernel oil...
  11. S

    pork fat and solidity at room temperature

    Hi! I have read the bad opinion Ray has about industrial pork fat - and it makes sense. What I wonder though: All the pork fat I have seen is very solid at room temperature, just like coconut and butter fat. The rule is that harder fats are healthier because more saturated. So why is pork fat...
  12. P

    Uh-oh! Did Trader Joe's change their butter?

    My hubby just brought home some new organic butter from Trader Joes. I noticed the package has blue on it - new design. In the past, I remember a blurb on the box about grass fed cows. Now there is a couple paragraphs about the manufacturing process and a promise that the farmers don't use...
  13. O

    PUFA Toxicity Mechanisms Breakdown

    I've been through several papers and most of Peats material. I wanted to dedicate this thread to go through the logic of Peat-like theories of PUFA (or rather, all non-saturated fatty) action in the body in the short and long term. Let's be clear here, I'm not pro-PUFA at all; I'm just trying to...
  14. Velve921

    Best Brands Of Coconut Oil

    What are everyone's thoughts on the best brands of coconut oil?
  15. R

    PUFAs Coming Up High on Cronometer

    Hi everyone! On cronometer I'd say my O6 always end up in the 8-10g range. However, I am suspecting this could be off because my eggs are from a local farm and my milk is grass finished organic. I get 4-6k calories per day and love full fat dairy. Is Cronometer off simply because it assumes...
  16. haidut

    PUFA Depletion Can (probably) Be Accomplished In 30 Days!

    Since removing PUFA from the body is one of the primary goals of Peatarians, naturally anything that can speed up the process of waiting at least 4 years would be highly desirable. I have been experimenting myself relentlessly with speeding that process up (as safely as possible). While...
  17. K

    Why doesn't coconut oil mix into milk?

    I've been thinking about good methods to consume coconut oil. One method is through cooking potatoes or eating potato chips fried in coconut oil, but I was thinking about why coconut oil can't mix into milk. I once tried mixing coconut oil into skim milk, and all it did was float on top. Why...
  18. Velve921

    PUFA Detox And Long Term Well Being

    SO Ray Peat has talked about the detox of pufas from the body's tissues...and how it can take years to find true well being. Has anybody been Peating long enough (years) where they just finally started feeling good? Basically I just want some testimonials that this is the case as I've been been...
  19. M

    Turning Virgin Coconut Oil Into Refined

    HI All. Someone very generously gave me a jar of virgin coconut oil not realizing the difference between it and refined oil. I can't return it the jar and am wondering if someone here knows of a simple way to turn the virgin oil into refined oil. Thanks.
  20. R

    Where to buy coconut oil?

    I used to get it at Trader Joes but they don't stock it regularly. Where is a good place to get it? Thanks