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  1. haidut

    Elevated PUFA In Blood Drive Metabolic Syndrome And Diabetes

    Some good evidence on the role of PUFA and inflammation in obesity and diabetes. The findings that FFA are elevated in obese people is not surprising and even mainstream medicine has wisened up to that fact. The surprising (for the authors) part was that unsaturated fats were involved in the...
  2. haidut

    Only Dietary Fat, Not Protein Or Sugar (sucrose), Drives Obesity

    This is a recent study that confirms another controversial one I posted on the forum more than a year ago. The newer study also had some unexpected findings. For example, increasing...
  3. S

    Coconut Oil Extraction

    I have read that unless you are using a cold extraction technique, coconut oil making could involve boiling it for hours. This is enough to damage it as far as I know.
  4. G

    Saturated Fats And Mitochondrias

    I often read, and remember hear in a Danny Roddy/Haidut Podcast that Palmitic and stearic acid were the best fatty acids for mitochondria respiration. But everything I find in pubmed says the contrary. "Saturated palmitic and stearic acids decreased insulin-induced glycogen synthesis, glucose...
  5. L

    Olive Oil Could Have Antidepressant And Anxiolytic Effects Abstract Olive oil is the major component of the Mediterranean diet and has rich history of nutritional and medicinal uses. In the present study, the antidepressant and anxiolytic effects and their neurochemical basis following repeated...
  6. W

    Fully Hydrogenated Coconut Oil Source

    [Moderator: This thread is about sources of hydrogenated coconut oil. If you want to discuss hydrogenation please post here or in one of the threads linked there.] Hi all, In France, you can buy 100% fully hydrogenated coconut oil under the brand name " Végétaline ". The price is very cheap...
  7. I

    Cooking with vegetable oils releases toxic cancer causing chemicals say experts

    This lurker thinks y'all might like to read this news. ... perts.html
  8. haidut

    PUFA Effects Well Known In Australia

    Look at this article and focus especially on facts #8, #11, and #12. Apparently, in some medical circles in Australia it is well known what causes heart disease and cancer. ... at-2013-11 And this study actually goes as far as to say that high...
  9. J

    Mead Acid Production / PUFA Intake

    When PUFA intake drops down to a minimum, how long does it take for mead acid production to begin? Is it fairly quick, or does the body have to run through it's "PUFA Stores" if such a thing exists? When consuming PUFA, what's the upper limit of consumption that might still allow for mead acid...
  10. P

    Dietary lipids modify redox homeostasis and steroidogenic status in rat testis. OBJECTIVE: The present study explored the effect of dietary oils on lipid composition, antioxidant status, and the activity of the main steroidogenic enzymes in the testis. METHODS: Forty Wistar rats were randomly assigned to one of four groups (n =...
  11. CoolTweetPete

    Nutrition Facts Labels - Help Understanding The Fat Breakdowns

    Just as an example to demonstrate what I mean, someone just handed me a bag of microwave popcorn, and as I always do, the first thing I did was flip it around and look at the ingredients and nutrition facts. I noticed the label shows, Total Fat 6g Saturated Fat 2.5g Trans fat 0g...
  12. Velve921

    Grape seed Oil

    A friend of mine tried using grape seed oil on her face for bad acne....she reported amazing results! As grapes seed is full of poly...why would it have a healthy effect?
  13. S

    Peat Got The Fats Quite Wrong

    Hi folks! I have some strong points against some of Rays ideas: So all started because my blood lipid levels have gone bad from being spot on average before I started "peating". LDL is high now. I was looking around once more and found quite shocking information. It is quite obvious and...
  14. uuy8778yyi

    Butter Doesn't Raise Body Temp. Coconut Oil Does. Why ?

    Is there a reason for this ? I thought all saturated fat would act in the same way.
  15. J

    Crisco coconut oil

    This might be a new product on the market as I have never seen it until yesterday. Decided to give it a try. If you see this stuff, turn and run the other way. Just my :2cents It stinks like veggie oil and it has that all-too-familiar sting at the back of the throat like other pufa oils...
  16. Parsifal

    Best time to take coconut oil and which quantity?

    Hey everyone! So I've tried to put coconut oil in the morning coffee on an empty stomach and it made me feel very nauseous afterwards. I've read that coconut oil will produce ketones bodies that will lower the blood glucose. But I wonder if you just take OJ so pure fructose it will not make...
  17. Velve921

    How to test for PUFA in Tissues

    I am sure this has been discussed in other forums...but what is the best way to medically test for pufa count in bodies tissues? What is a high pufa score in person with lots of PUFAS? What's a low pufa score for someone whose been detoxing pufa or is close to pufa free? Thanks in advance!!!
  18. charlie

    Haidut's Summary Of PUFA

    I thought this deserved it's own thread.
  19. M

    Aflatoxin In Coconut Oil

    I make my own coconut oil and never found any commercial product that i could tolerate. I have tried several brands,but did not try refined oil. I think Aflatoxin in coconut oil could be a possible source of problem. I do not know if Aflatoxin is removed in all refined coconut oil. But, there...
  20. M

    ELI5 [dangers Of Vegetable Oils]

    I know this isn't Reddit, but I'm interested in how you would explain, for example, the dangers of vegetable oils to a very young person who wouldn't understand scientific terms. I pick vegetable oils because they seem to be, more than any other substance, anathema to Ray Peat. But it would...
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