1. Ras

    Growth is Bioelectric

    Yet another body of work testifying to the electric nature of life. Josh Mitteldorf's article presents an interesting take on the data, and the Preprint is rich.
  2. Daft

    Call for information: Trying to determine extent of estrogenic substances still in food supply.

    I would like for anyone to help contribute some knowledge, speculation and studies, and open a discussion on the extent to which, despite supposedly getting rid of BPA containing plastics, there are still estrogenic substances in all the plastics we store much of our food in, and used during the...
  3. MetabolicTrash

    Long Chins, Big Ears, Long/narrow Faces = GH, Estrogen?

    I notice some feature mix ups and combinations. Guys with stronger jaws (not sure about women though) tend to have larger ears, but there are guys with big ears and longer chins (downward protruding more than forward) that lack the same jaw types and facial broadness. Since the effects of GH...
  4. J

    Breastfeeding Impact On Health

    I recently discovered i was breastfed from 3-6 months after i was born. Obviously i would have preferred to be breastfed longer but i was lucky to have been at all compared to some people. I bring this up because i have had mild to severe OCD since i was a youngster. It correlates with stress...
  5. haidut

    Androsterone May Be The Main Source Of DHT, Drives Fetal Masculinization

    The study below demonstrates that not only may androsterone be the primary pro-hormone used endogenously for DHT synthesis, it likely also drives the masculinization of sexual organs in the fetus. For a long time it was thought that the so-called "front pathway" using testosterone (T) produced...
  6. haidut

    The Warburg "effect" Is, In Fact, A Direct Cause Of Cancer

    This is yet another recent study showing that medicine may finally be getting on the right track. Similar to the human study with doxycycline and breast cancer I just posted, confirms again what has been known and fraudulently suppressed for almost a century. Namely, the Warburg "effect" is as...
  7. haidut

    Genes Do Not Matter (again) - Individuality Is An Inevitable And Unpredictable Result Of Development

    I posted quite a few studies showing that genes do not matter much when it comes to determining the "fate" of the organism, be that health, personality or intelligence. This new study went a step further and examined the development of genetically identical organisms under the same environmental...
  8. haidut

    Thyroid Hormone In Babies Controls Pancreas Development And Diabetes Risk

    It has been know for years that maternal or fetal hypothyroidism increases the risk of dementia later in life. This new study makes the connection between thyroid hormone levels and subsequent risk of diabetes. While this is the first study of its kind it points strongly at fetal/child...
  9. haidut

    Carbs (not Meat) Were Crucial Factor For Developing Big Brains

    The Paleo community is ablaze as a result of this news article. The study claims that even though meat may have kickstarted the process of developing big brains, it was carbs that were crucial for the sustained development of a big brain and the intelligence associated with it. I think points 1)...
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