1. haidut

    Inhibiting dopamine breakdown reverses obesity WITHOUT caloric restriction

    Yet another study showing that the dogma we have been fed for decades - eat less and move more - is little more than a fraudulent lie. Recent studies have already demonstrated that chronic caloric restriction changes body composition for the worse - i.e. despite the weight loss, most of that...
  2. Mauritio

    Selegiline also effective for anti-aging in dogs

    Good news for the anti-aging crowd: Selegiline also works as an anti-aging drug in dogs. Now it has been shown to be effective in four different species (hamsters, rats, mice and dogs), which shows that it acts on a fundamental, evolutionary conserved mechanism, which makes it more likely that...
  3. L

    Deprenyl – Peatarian-Safe?

    Has anyone asked Ray Peat his opinion about this drug? Would he think it is safe for long term usage? Do you think it is safe, and good to use as a nootropic?
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