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  1. JamesGatz

    What is the point of de-populating the world ? Do Billionaires know something we don't ?

    I think many of us have seen the threads on this forum focused on the de-population agenda set by the Usual Suspects - but what I am wondering is what is the point exactly of doing this ? Exitus acta probat Is there starting to be not enough food to support the world population and are the...
  2. Drareg

    COVID causes infertility but vaccines don’t

    This headline is a prime example of Hegelian dialectics at work. They now claim covid may cause infertility but the vaccines don’t, what this tells us they know vaccines are causing infertility and they need to blame covid. Peat spotted the potential fertility issue early on from covid19, good...
  3. RealNeat

    Magnetic Male Birth Control Injection (TIPS?)

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/jvchamary/2021/07/29/magnetic-male-contraceptive-birth-control/?sh=5d2a431a2c28 “The nanoscopic particles are injected into the bloodstream and would then be guided to the testes with a magnetic field, which also generates heat for contraception.”...