1. H

    Does the methylation of Methyl Salicylate have similar duration properties as methylated saturated fats?

    A friend that's in Guyana right now told me about Shiling Oil and how good it makes him feel when applied topically. Here's a listing for it online: Shiling Oil External Analgesic (28ml). It looks like it has ingredients I'd rather go without like Eucalyptus oil but imagine that Methyl...
  2. T

    Best Idealabs anti-viral supplement(s)?

    Looking for something to help mitigate (and even potentially cure) my shingles. Been using a combination of Defibron, Coconut oil and Oregano oil rubbed into the base of my spine every morning. Do you think this it's wise to continue the same stack or maybe Haidut has another supplement that...
  3. haidut

    DeFibron - Liquid Methylated SFA For Lab/R&D

    Ever since I read in one of Ray's articles about the ability of saturated fat to reverse even advanced liver fibrosis (cirrhosis) I have been researching the effects of various saturated fatty acids on a number of organs and tissues. A number of studies have been posted on the forum indicating...
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