1. loess

    It's DATE Season! The Sky Is Ripe With Sugar Clouds!

    One of the positives that came out of my 8 years of struggling to adhere to fruitarianism/80-10-10 eating (which did quite a number on my thyroid function, hormones and ultimately my entire experience of reality) was discovering the wonders of truly fresh, ripe dates! Khadrawy, medjool, black...
  2. F

    Are Dates Safe?

    Saw this on the RP facebook group
  3. N

    Dried Fruit

    Anyone have experiences with Dried Fruit? I've eat a lot of raisins. A few dates too. has a bunch of organic fruit, unsulphured, even stone fruits like Peaches, Plums etc. Anyone tolerate these well and eat them frequently, which types?
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