1. Guille Yacante

    This may be the reason why cyproheptadine is the "wonder drug" for so many.

    Because it antagonizes some acetylcholine receptors, not so much because of antiserotonergic or antihistaminic properties. I mean, everything should be held in consideration. Why would one "need a drug" in the first place? Or a supplement? One may have come getting used to be poisoned little...
  2. NewACC

    Study says: Cyproheptadine is Serotonin Antagonist, Doesn't Block Dopamine and Noradrenaline Abstract "...Cyproheptadine and LSD, two known antagonists of the peripheral effects of 5-HT, were administered i.v. to conscious rabbits at different times before the intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration of 5-HT, NAD or dopamine...
  3. G

    Similarities between cyproheptadine and cannabis

    Bit of a weird one. I’ve noticed a distinct sensation shared between 1mg+ of cyproheptadine and smoking cannabis. It is a particular haze that overlays all the senses. It feels warm and cozy and sensations feel nice and crispy. It often goes with a certain feeling of hunger. That’s the best way...
  4. Brandin

    Creating a therapeutic systematic health boosting combo

    I am experimenting with creating a combination of supps that would compliment eachothers effect and hopefully even inhibiting eachothers bad effects. Question 1: Anybody knows if taking a dopamine d2 agonist with higher affinity for the receptors than cypro would lead to cypro not binding to...
  5. P

    Question about how cypro induces weight gain

    I'm seeing how Cypro induced weight gain on the majority of subjects in every study I've come across. The issue is I can't see whether this weight gain is induced by the increase in appetite or by some other mechanism. I really like Cypro and would like to take 0.5-1mg a day for a month with two...
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