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  1. The3DPerson

    Had stroke-like symptoms after 3 days of taking Cynomel?

    I got Cynomel for me and my mom, who are both hypo. We started taking approx. 12.5 mcgs per day, we cut a tablet in fourths (approx. 6.25 mcgs) and have had it two times a day, with food, to negate any adrenalergic effects it might cause. We don't have a scale, so it's harder to do smaller...
  2. 3

    Help with 'mymexicandrugstore'

    im trying to order some cynomel and cynoplus in a call Ray didnt specify if it was www.mymexicandrugstore.net or www.mymexicandrugstore.com both websites exist and they seem to be different. the .net website sells both cynoplus and cynomel so ive been trying to make an account on there...
  3. RenaissanceMan

    Breaking Apart Cynomel Tabs (T3) and Weighing Doses?

    Anyone have advice on storing and breaking apart these tiny tablets, it seems like it'll get tedious after a while Also do you think it's worth buying a scale to take precise doses?
  4. RenaissanceMan

    Triyotex now sells 10 mcg T3 dosage. Are they legit?

    Triyotex now has 10 mcg Cytomel (T3) available. This might be more convenient for many of us instead of ordering Cynomel and splitting the tablets up. Are they legit, though? Suppose there's only one way to find out Might order 2 of them. If someone wants to me to update after I receive the...
  5. RenaissanceMan

    Did I make a mistake by getting T3 only?

    I placed an order from the Mexican pharmacy a few days ago and they already shipped it! Most likely because I paid extra for fast shipping. The thing is, I only bought Cynomel (T3). I’ve had hypo symptoms for so many years and I’m finally taking the plunge into thyroid medicine. Thinning hair...
  6. A

    Pregnenolone and Cynomel

    Hi, im 30 years old male.i Suffer from Hypothyroidism, My last TSH test was 5.4. I come from Over Exercising. I did order Pregnenonole(50mg) and im ordering Cynomel. I will take the pregnenolone in the morning(50mg). And was thinking about taking Cynomel 2 times per day(will start with 25mcg...