1. Sitaruîm

    For Eire's Sake

    For Eire's Sake - Sitaruîm Language is one of the biggest pillars of identity, and the Irish are fierce when it comes to defending theirs. I believe that their efforts in keeping their language alive and healthy are failing. I will sum up in a few sentences why I think this is so, and attempt...
  2. MatheusPN

    Cultural Marxism, Reds Against (W) Freedom

    Some right-wingers talk about and are against the forged and incongruent, "Cultural Marxism" classification. Funnily it's the same forged argument made by Nazis. Coincidentally the right who is into it is practically for the same reason as Nazis. The majority of "Cultural Marxists", hate/...
  3. L

    Sexual Liberation The Downfall Of A Society

    How interesting: Sex and culture by Joseph Unwin He studied 80 different nations and 6 civilizations throughout history, examined their individual rises and falls, and concluded that the causes of their falls were largely...
  4. haidut

    Birds Have Oral Traditions Like Humans, Lasting Across Generations

    Yet another study showing that a trait thought to be uniquely human is in fact present in species considered far less intelligent than us. The study below shows that swamp sparrows (and possibly other bird species) are capable of learning culturally local traditions in the form of songs. They...