1. haidut

    Big Pharma - oral GABA doesn't work; Also Big Pharma - oral GABA works, can replace alcohol

    We are now living in an openly clown world, so I don't really expect many doctors to change their position based on contrarian evidence, but it is a stunning admission on behalf of medicine regardless. Namely, mainstream medicine and its partners in crime (often, literally) Big Pharma have spend...
  2. G

    Strict macros VS eat according to cravings | Glucose VS Fat oxidation

    Wanted to open a discussion around this topic. Do you follow a certain macro split/range(for example 40-50% carbs, 20-30% fats...) or do you eat according to cravings? Lately, I've entertained the idea of not restricting my fat intake, of eating according to cravings. If I do this, I crave up to...
  3. J

    Incredible Craving for Fatty Red Meat

    I find myself craving fatty, red meat all day long. I eat pounds of it over the days. I average at least at least 2-3 pounds a day, and it's taking a toll on my bills. I try to get the highest quality meat I can get, which is usually imported grass-fed lamb and mutton. I'm about 178cm, about...
  4. haidut

    Vaccines Contain Endotoxin; Endotoxin May Become A Drug For Sugar Cravings

    As if using endotoxin as a drug for treating IBS is not enough of an abomination, this news release caught my eye since it states that endotoxin is now used as adjuvant in vaccines, and also that endotoxinmay become a prescribed drug for treating sugar cravings. Wow, I wonder what's next -...
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