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  1. Limon9

    Eugenol May Be Highly Effective Against Covid / "Spike Protein"

    A common covid/vaccine-preventative approach discussed on the forum is using ACE2-binding substances to "inhibit viral entry", as has been advocated with vitamin D and Losartan (an early recommendation by Dr. Peat). The function of ACE2 is to degrade angiotensin II into angiotensin I, the former...
  2. C

    Former CDC director Robert Redfield in congress - Covid was bioengineered

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXXWRaM-sWQ#t=2h19m45s 2 hours 19 mins - covid has bioengineered traits "unfortunately i was excluded from those conversations. I had actually asked tedros & fauci to have these conversations. and to be excluded i found.. unusual" 1 hour 22 mins - "i...
  3. Pistachio

    Federal lawyer collapses in middle of Canadian freedom convoy inquiry

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZpKZazt9EI
  4. tastyfood

    What's the short term (next week or two) impact of covid on stress blood markers?

    I am dealing with what seems like covid (at least according to the test). I have mild flu symptoms, and resting at home. I was scheduled to test for some stress hormones that I'm monitoring after making some changes to my daily protocol. I am thinking about postponing the test, worried that the...
  5. pork88

    Nobody knows how the vaccinated will end up

    There is absolutely NO information about long-term effects. The vaxcattle may all die for all we know. From Nobody knows how the vaccinated will end up Following the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, the west used mRNA vaccines on a massive scale. Before the pandemic, this new technology had not...
  6. Pistachio

    Russia begins vaccinating mobilized citizens

    Evading mobilization (and mandatory vaccination) could lead to 10 years in prison https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/russia-begins-vaccinating-mobilized
  7. ivy

    The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein binds and modulates estrogen receptors - study

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9164441/ Robert Malone (I know, I know) posted this and stressed: "Spike, no matter if it is from virus or vaccine". Then he asked the question: "Is the Sars-Cov-2 a toxin?"
  8. Drareg

    70% of Americans Unvaccinated for Covid

    So the media just outright lied about vaccine uptake, 70% didn't bother, 228 million of you loons according to this article, the important thing however is profit for big pharma and shareholders, money was made from the sales. This is coming from fauci and MSM so be mindful of a ruse potential...
  9. Drareg

    "The New Normal" Covid a la Amitai Etzioni- communitarianism

    I've started a thread here on Etzioni and communitarianism before if your unfamiliar with hegelian fascism re-codified in new language-https://raypeatforum.com/community/threads/communitarianism-capitalism-communism-amitai-etzioni.36291/page-2#post-691776 I'm surprised I missed this when covid...
  10. I

    MRNA COVID Vaccines Cause More Hospitalizations Than They Prevent

    Need to read fully, but results in the abstract are pretty damning. And a lead author, Peter Doshi, is a senior editor at the BMJ. Perhaps public discourse is shifting and it is now allowed to publicly discuss "adverse events". We'll see what happens. I've attached a copy here as well. Full...
  11. L

    How dangerous are blood transfusions?

    Sometimes blood transfusions are inevitable, e.g., for serious surgeries, car crashes, major accidents etc. Most of the times, in most countries, the patient is not allowed to choose the blood that will be given to them. “Where does blood for a blood transfusion come from? Typically, the blood...
  12. IROM

    Progest-Avail, progest-e type supplement with wheat germ Vit E works to cure head cold

    Had a pretty annoying head cold (maybe Omicron) with sore throat and terrible post-nasal drip. Took about everything Peatarian you could think of but it has lasted for 5-6 days so far. Last night I took this Progest-Avail but applied it inside my nostrils, sublingually, on my neck and on face...
  13. vickypicky

    The effects of Covid on babies and children

    My family of 6 all had Covid 5 months ago and we are still struggling. My now 15 month old isn’t walking yet (he’s my fourth and all my children walked by 1) I also think it’s super sus that earlier this year the CDC updated their milestones for babies, changing the expected walking age to 18...
  14. Giraffe

    Resources for people injured by covid-vaccines

    The people who suffer from serious side effects from the vaccines often report that they are not taken seriously. Doctors do deny any connection. Since the usual tests often don't show anything suspicious the patients are told that it's all in their heads.... yada yada yada. I thought it would...
  15. Yonebayashian

    Post COVID Societal Repercussions of Mass Infertility

    I feel horrible about all the masses of people who have been perpetually poisoned as a result of all this. Thank God I was able to make it through without being vaccinated but I now have to live through the rest of my life watching ~70 percent of the population become severely chronically ill...
  16. miquelangeles

    The unvaccinated girls are now beating vaccinated boys in competition

    Student athletes perform worse than controls following COVID vaccines https://pdmj.org/papers/Student_athletes_perform_worse_than_controls_following_COVID_vaccines 1) None of the vaccinated student athletes are competing up to their own previous level; all are performing worse than in 2020, in...
  17. Mr Joe

    China why so Psycho ?

    Anyone here could give an explenation what China is willing to achieve with the "zero covid" fake story and images we see like Orwell stuff ? In a way they appear opposed to American imperialism and the other one they act like all this is real. My guess is that they could know about US desire to...
  18. BearWithMe

    Haven't seen anybody in weeks, still caught COVID... How?!

    I live in remote area and sometimes, I go for 4-6 weeks without coming into contact with the outter world. Last week, I caught a cold when working outside inadequately dressed. But the cold was unlike anything I have experienced before, both in severity of symptoms and type of symptoms -...
  19. TheCedar1

    If i took the vaccine in october and have no adverse effects, am i safe?

    I took the vaccine in October 2021, If you read my other post about this, I took aspirin before and after, the only symptom i got was a bad headache the day after vaccination but nothing more afterwards. Since October til now, i haven't had any adverse effects on me, I had omicron for a while in...
  20. Skeletonkey

    How long does natural covid immunity last?

    I've been curious, as I've read random things in passing. Some say it last 3 months, 6 months, a year. I've heard natural immunity doesn't happen if you've been vaxed. Or the vax wipes out your natural immunity. My husband and I don't have the vaccine and don't plan to ever. But back when I was...