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  1. vickypicky

    The effects of Covid on babies and children

    My family of 6 all had Covid 5 months ago and we are still struggling. My now 15 month old isn’t walking yet (he’s my fourth and all my children walked by 1) I also think it’s super sus that earlier this year the CDC updated their milestones for babies, changing the expected walking age to 18...
  2. Giraffe

    Resources for people injured by covid-vaccines

    The people who suffer from serious side effects from the vaccines often report that they are not taken seriously. Doctors do deny any connection. Since the usual tests often don't show anything suspicious the patients are told that it's all in their heads.... yada yada yada. I thought it would...
  3. YawnSleepsarian

    Post COVID Societal Repercussions of Mass Infertility

    I feel horrible about all the masses of people who have been perpetually poisoned as a result of all this. Thank God I was able to make it through without being vaccinated but I now have to live through the rest of my life watching ~70 percent of the population become severely chronically ill...
  4. miquelangeles

    The unvaccinated girls are now beating vaccinated boys in competition

    Student athletes perform worse than controls following COVID vaccines https://pdmj.org/papers/Student_athletes_perform_worse_than_controls_following_COVID_vaccines 1) None of the vaccinated student athletes are competing up to their own previous level; all are performing worse than in 2020, in...
  5. Mr Joe

    China why so Psycho ?

    Anyone here could give an explenation what China is willing to achieve with the "zero covid" fake story and images we see like Orwell stuff ? In a way they appear opposed to American imperialism and the other one they act like all this is real. My guess is that they could know about US desire to...
  6. BearWithMe

    Haven't seen anybody in weeks, still caught COVID... How?!

    I live in remote area and sometimes, I go for 4-6 weeks without coming into contact with the outter world. Last week, I caught a cold when working outside inadequately dressed. But the cold was unlike anything I have experienced before, both in severity of symptoms and type of symptoms -...
  7. TheCedar1

    If i took the vaccine in october and have no adverse effects, am i safe?

    I took the vaccine in October 2021, If you read my other post about this, I took aspirin before and after, the only symptom i got was a bad headache the day after vaccination but nothing more afterwards. Since October til now, i haven't had any adverse effects on me, I had omicron for a while in...
  8. Skeletonkey

    How long does natural covid immunity last?

    I've been curious, as I've read random things in passing. Some say it last 3 months, 6 months, a year. I've heard natural immunity doesn't happen if you've been vaxed. Or the vax wipes out your natural immunity. My husband and I don't have the vaccine and don't plan to ever. But back when I was...
  9. Mauritio

    Israeli study offers strongest proof yet of vitamin D’s power to fight COVID

    "Good oxidative metabolism, with optimal vitamin D and thyroid function, gets people through epidemics without getting sick, despite being exposed to the thing that made others sick." -RP (2019) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This should be...
  10. Drareg

    RFK and Jeffrey Epstein links

    It seems clear that RFK has links to Epstein and Maxwell, its easy to claim the media are framing him, its possible but its clear he has links around this crew, his brother was in a relationship with Maxwell. I know this doesn't implicate them fully, the reason I'm starting this thread is to...
  11. Saphire

    Female issues & Covid issues

    This is a 2 part question First question: I had been on testosterone pellets for almost 2 yrs. Last insertion was Aug 2021. In Dec 2020, I notice some issues arising, brittle fried hair, estrogen was always severe, fatigue severe and I would explain these symptoms receiving no resolution just...
  12. sugarbabe

    Who hasn't had COVID??

    So many have posted about getting coronavirus I'm wondering how many of us haven't been sick? No one in my family has gotten any of the symptoms as of now. My husband has to do weekly testing for his job and has never tested positive either. We have been around sick people that is for sure and...
  13. TheCedar1

    I took 2 grams of aspirin a week before and even after the vaccine (it became mandatory in LB), should i be worried about the side effects?

    Basically as the title said, I took 2 grams aspirin a week before the vaccine (Moderna) and continued after as well, all I had was a severe headache day after vaccination, which I took 2 grams again of aspirin and it went away within 15 minutes Should I worry about the vaccine? If yes, what do...
  14. H

    Heart/Chest pain post COVID [myocarditis]? Help needed please

    Hi guys hope you're all well. Recently both me and my brother contracted COVID or w/e . I'm unvaccinated ofcourse but he isn't. After a horrible first week (but still very minor in the grand scheme of things, I've had way worse viruses) we have both recovered but I continue to have cold...
  15. K

    Unvaccinated Quebecers will have to pay a 'health contribution,' Legault says

    Scary stuff going down here in Canada: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/unvaccinated-health-contribution-quebec-1.6311054
  16. Mauritio

    Omicron up to 100 times less deadly than delta variant

    This article basically says, omicron is about as deadly as the flue and might be up to a 100 times less deadly than the delta variant. How would you justify any of the lockdowns and mandates if this turns out to be true ? And surprisingly one person in the article asks the same question...
  17. teds

    Post covid nausea

    Hello to those who have had covid and had ongoing nausea- any tips on resolving this? A bit of belching too!! Thanks brain’s trust
  18. S

    Feeling really depressed before and after COVID vaccine (Pfizer)

    Hi, i was coerced into taking the COVID vaccine, without it i would be left to starve. I took the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and days before taking it I was already feeling very depressed, and now that I've had it, it's even worse. I am taking aspirin (500mg everyday), methylene blue...
  19. K

    I’ve got Omicron

    Hey all — Happy New Year! I appear to have contracted Omicron. The only vaxxed person in my house was the first to show symptoms, and in the days since, the illness has ripped through the rest of us. I haven’t tested, but my experience aligns perfectly with all the symptoms I’ve seen online...