1. A

    Dilute idea labs products SFA/ethanol

    I’m aware this can be done from a solubility standpoint with ethanol or even water. The thing I’m curiously of is if this negatively effects transdermal absorption of say cortinon if someone dilutes with vodka? @haidut
  2. Cecilia L.

    Fat Loss - CorTinon 8:1

    Hi all I am trying to increase my low low T in hopes to shed some needed fat? Can anyone help with dose and how to take guidance? Is it topical or you drink in some juice? Cant find a lot of info. Has anyone had any success with the help of CorTinon 8:1 and fat loss or muscle gains? I am a...
  3. haidut

    CortiNon - Liquid Progesterone/DHEA Mix

    This product does not really need any introduction to anybody familiar with Peat's work. I have wanted to release it for a long time but over the last few months the studies I found related to the anabolic and anticatabolic effects of progesterone, combined with the fact that Peat has told quite...