1. cs3000

    Starch calories replacement without milk?

    how do people on low/no starch who don't tolerate milk proteins hit enough calories? seems like all those missing starch calories are hard to replace fruits don't have much calories apart from avocados (mostly fat calories not replacing much carbs). what other foods are good for replacing...
  2. miquelangeles

    The sweet corn thread

    I did a quick search and couldn't find much talk about sweet corn here. Are there any downsides to consuming it regularly, assuming it is organic etc? - high sugar content, naturally occurring mutation - harvested when immature (milk stage) and consumed as a vegetable - high in insoluble...
  3. mayku-T-meelo

    Masa Harina, Tips, Ideas, Recipes

    View: Hey yall, does anyone prepare tortillas at home? Or something else from the masa? I've tried to make them a couple of times sticking to instructions in the video posted above and every time they turn out just a little bit diffrent, I still...
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