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  1. Epistrophy

    Our Lives

    Saw this George Orwell video that makes so much sense. This video states that there could be declassified documents that the CIA director briefed Obama and H. Clinton on using a Russia smear campaign Anyone that wants to really dive into how governments, big businesses, etc used psychology...
  2. haidut

    Loneliness Is The Real Cause Of Selfishness

    ...and vice versa. I have suspected for a very long time that pathologically selfish people may have a mental disorder of some sort or at least be under some kind of environmental pressure to develop such extreme behavior. Now, this new study says that selfishness may simply be a...
  3. haidut

    Cooperation, Not Competition, Drives Evolution

    There was a Russian researcher in the 19th century called Kropotkin, and he formulated a theory that evolution is a process influenced a lot more by cooperation than by competition. Peter Kropotkin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Unfortunately, his ideas were not popular in the West and up...
  4. S

    Acknowledging Selection At Sub-organismal Levels Resolves Controversy On Pro-cooperation Mechanisms

    Acknowledging selection at sub-organismal levels resolves controversy on pro-cooperation mechanisms