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  1. H

    Permanent Side Effects from After Pill (ellaOne)?

    Hello everyone, I’m a 23 years old Greek woman who has been trying to adapt a peatish way of living. One aspect of it has been that I have never taken any oral contraceptives (estrogen or progestin) to this day. Reasons for that were the obvious side effects. Few to name are the permanent...
  2. haidut

    Birth Control (BC) Pills With Estrogen Cause Abortion, Not Contraception

    In one of his earlier articles, Ray talks about how the estrogen industry had to publish fake studies and show them to the Catholic Church in order to get their tacit approval for selling BC to the public. The church still maintained that they are opposed to all forms of BC but explained that it...
  3. A

    Natural Progesterone IUD?

    Hey everyone - I was wondering if any of you know of an IUD that contains natural progesterone. All of the IUDs I've seen use progestins of questionable safety, and I would love to help some friends of mine get on safer forms of birth control. A natural progesterone IUD seems to fit the bill...
  4. goodandevil

    Any Interactions With Paraguard And Progest E?

    My girlfriend is curious. I read paraguard lowers progesterone as one mechanism? So would progest e neutralize its effectiveness?
  5. T

    Progest-E For Contraception

    Greetings all! Upon browsing an older thread on here regarding oral contraceptives, I read that some women have been using Progest-E sucessfully as birth control. Can anyone here expand on how one would accomplish this correctly. I know how synthetic progestins do it, just curious about natural...