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  1. Inaut


    This article really had my mind going after reading... I don’t know too much about the author but he seems very intelligent. Comments or thoughts? http://mileswmathis.com/tartar.pdf
  2. haidut

    The elite promote diversity...because it prevents unity (against them)

    The article is seemingly about unions and corporations manipulating their employees, but the same ideas apply on the scale of societies/countries too. Diversity - in the workplace, in the arts, in science, in the govt, and in society as a whole - suddenly became a hot topic some time in the...
  3. haidut

    Pentagon creates MICROCHIP that will detect Covid-19 under skin

    So much for the chipping, tagging and tracking us all the time being nothing but a bizarre ideation in the heads of paranoid people. Of course, the first version of the chip is simply for "saving" your life from the evil, scary COVID-19. However, just like the mRNA vaccines, the chip is not a...
  4. haidut

    CNN: What's the point of ever leaving home again?

    Yet another example that this whole "pandemic" is nothing but a smokescreen for the ushering in of the deliberate digitization and isolation of society. The former for profit, and the latter for security. Except, we are being gaslighted that the "security" portion is all about protecting us -...
  5. S

    Covid 'Tests' contain the vaccine

    I have found some articles about nano particles which deliver vaccines through nasal delivery. Maybe this is why they say they must shove a super long cotton tip up your nose so they can deliver these nano particles. Wouldn't saliva from the inside of the mouth like a DNA test suffice? I am...
  6. haidut

    Canadian PM Just Confirmed The "Great Reset" Is Not A Conspiracy

    I know the readers here have suspected this for a long time and we have plenty of links posted on the forum about the "Great Reset" agenda from WEF. However, until now, there was not much in terms of official acknowledgment from world leaders that this agenda is about to be adopted/implemented...
  7. MatheusPN

    Cultural Marxism, Reds Against (W) Freedom

    Some right-wingers talk about and are against the forged and incongruent, "Cultural Marxism" classification. Funnily it's the same forged argument made by Nazis. Coincidentally the right who is into it is practically for the same reason as Nazis. The majority of "Cultural Marxists", hate/...
  8. Geronimo

    Medical Establishment Way Ahead Of Peat

    I've come to the realization that the medical establishment is very well aware of everything Dr. Peat has been saying. They've been aware of it all for a very long time, well before him. Because they are aware of it, they were able to recommend everything that is unhealthy and portray it as...
  9. jay123

    Covid-19 Plan In Front Of Our Eyes IMPORTANT!

    As we all see this whole thing play out in front of us and "conspiracy" is thrown around as to what is going on, the powers that may be still go ahead with the plans that they have. And usually the plan is laid out for us to see. And, of course, the Rockefeller Foundation should be "trusted" to...
  10. Energizer

    92% Of Polled Russians Want To Return To The USSR

    In a public TV poll, asking people if they wanted to return to the Soviet Union, 92% said "Yes." 92% россиян хотят вернуться в СССР. Мнение Медведева: "идеализировать Советский Союз не надо". "In support of their opinion, respondents expressed various arguments. Here are the most frequent...
  11. B

    There Are No Giant Conspiracies

    For some reason people have it in their heads that there is some elite group of people out there who come together and control the world. The Illuminati or whatever you want to call it. I think this is just stupid and over complicated. The world can be much better explained when you apply...
  12. haidut

    Johnson & Johnson Concealed For Decades Its Baby Powder Had Asbestos

    It is hard to get more nefarious than that. Apparently, not only did Johnson & Johnson (J&J) sell baby powder laced with asbestos but it knew about it for several decades and did everything it could to prevent the information from leaking to the public. Keep in mind, this is on top of the...
  13. haidut

    FDA Food Tests For Monsanto's RoundUp (glyphosate) Are Fraud, All Food Likely Contaminated

    I have posted a few times about the negative health effects of the blockbuster Monsanto pesticide known as RoundUp. The active ingredient in that product is glyphosate and that chemical has been officially classified as carcinogen in Europe, Latin America and some Asian countries. The state of...
  14. haidut

    California Officially Declares RoundUp (glyphosate) A Known Carcinogen

    I posted a few threads before in regards to the toxicity of RoundUp (glyphosate) - Monsanto's most famous product, which is explicitly banned in many countries worldwide. For a very long time Monsanto managed to get away with murder by claiming that glyphosate cannot be toxic because a mechanism...