1. tastyfood

    Is training with fast twitch muscle type of exercises desired?

    Are the exercises that rely on fast twitch muscles like sprinting and plyometrics considered concentric? @Hans
  2. Mr Joe

    Asked RP about Muscles. Answer : swimming, bicycling, and tennis ?

    I've had the the opportunity to ask Ray about more details concerning building muscle and getting lean on a Ray Peat diet. The first part of the answer was like "i never go to gym" style. But i was surprised by the second part. I've asked him what his thoughts on exercice such as Dips...
  3. haidut

    CNN News - Running Lowers Testosterone In Males

    When news like this features on CNN, it is becoming obvious that something it not right with the official recommendations for regular (endurance) exercise as the best way to ward off CVD, cancer, brain diseases, osteoporosis, etc. The CNN piece also states that vitamin D supplements, weight...
  4. ste199

    Concentric Exercise?

    Old people, who had extensively damaged mitochondrial DNA, were given a program of concentric exercise, and as their muscles adapted to the new activity, their mitochondrial DNA was found to have become normal. Ray Peat from Adaptive substance, creative regeneration: Mainstream science...
  5. DrJ

    Is Rock Climbing Reasonably Concentric?

    Seems to me that for the most part rock climbing is a concentric exercise - the muscles are shortening while contracting when you pull yourself up with your arms, or push yourself up with your legs. I'm just not sure about the "hanging there" part when you're planning a move; probably...
  6. BingDing

    Concentric Only Excercise

    Hi all I am feeling like doing more weight lifting and want to try concentric only and see if I can tell any difference. Obviously the only way to do it with free weights is throw them on the ground after the concentric phase. That would go over like a fart in church, LOL. Has anyone ever seen...
  7. P

    Effect Of Eccentric Versus Concentric Exercise Training On Mitochondrial Function INTRODUCTION: The effect of eccentric (ECC) versus concentric (CON) training on metabolic properties in skeletal muscle is understood poorly. We determined the responses in oxidative capacity and mitochondrial H2 O2 production after eccentric...
  8. P

    Concentric Vs Eccentric Exercise

    Eccentric muscle contraction induces greater oxidative stress in skeletal muscle, because migrating inflammatory cells enhanced generation of ROS another one compare two type of exercise - Gene Shifting? cant understand it very well...