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  1. :M :B.

    Compost is NOT SOIL, soil is Sand, Silt, and Clay. Exposing the compost scam with Gary's Best.

    Atom Bergstrom brought Gary's Best Gardening to my attention about a year ago and I learned that Gary is a bit of a legend and scam-busting kind of guy. He was a little kid growing up on his fathers nursery and witnessed the great soil scam happen. His story is awesome and can be found in his...
  2. JamesGatz

    What can I feed a plant to ensure it grows healthy ?

    A family member recently brought some plants inside my house - I quiet enjoy the presence in the home I definitely feel like there is something positive it's doing to the air that has a great effect on my metabolism What is a peaty environment for plants ? I don't have the resources to build...