1. bookshelf

    Spellers Documentary - Unlocking the brilliance of Autists

    If you haven't seen this documentary, I urge you to watch and share it - especially if you or someone you know has, or cares for someone with, autism. I know someone personally (who is one of the most thoughtful, attentive, faithful, respectful, and intuitive caregivers you'd ever meet) who...
  2. haidut

    Neurons In The Brain Communicate Remotely Using EMF Signals

    I know the findings of this study probably won't come as surprise to many forum users but they are nonetheless worth pointing out given their potential for dramatically shifting how medicine views the brain. While Peat has written many times about long range communication between cells that...
  3. haidut

    When People Engage In A Conversation Their Brains Synchronize

    I think pretty much everybody here is familiar with the expression "to vibe" (or not) "with somebody". While the expression is meant as a more general metric of the coherence of the interaction between the people involved, this new study shows that there is an actual synchronization of the brain...
  4. haidut

    Collective Cellular Communication Key For Health And Disease (cancer)

    Ray wrote in some of his articles that cells behave like a superstructure, constantly in long-range communication with one another. Whether a disease forms or health is maintained depends not on local conditions by on the collective quorum of all cells and what they decide to do as a group...
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