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coca cola

  1. Sascha6990

    Not eating or eating junk - what's worse?

    If you're in a situation where you can't get anything prometabolic to eat, do you prefer not eating or eating some antimetabolic food? What do you think will lower metabolism more - lack of calories or antimetabolic food? Very interested to hear everyone's opinions. I usually choose the...
  2. Apple

    World's oldest person - Kane Tanaka (118yo)

    Just stumbled on this peaty centenarian - Kane Tanaka. She likes eating chocolate and drinking Coke. Secret to her longevity, Tanaka replied, “Eating delicious food and studying.”...
  3. Apple

    Dry Coca leaves vs Coca Cola ?

    Is there any advantage of using Coca leaves instead of Coca Cola ? I saw some people chew Coca leaves and feel good