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  1. Mauritio

    CO2 therapy can cure neurological diseases

    This is what this old school report found. They tested CO2 therpay for a variety of neurological issues from anxiety and depression to psychopathy and even alcoholism . They also talk about a boy with symptoms that sound like tourette's who was completely changed and could live a normal life...
  2. EnergeticLeo

    Bud Weiss and Steven Scott on the Buteyko method and the important of CO2 in physiology

    https://www.consciousbreathing.com/podcast/bud-weiss-buteyko-method-importance-carbon-dioxide/ They talk about carbogen (including Steve's upcoming carbogen generator), Ray Peat's long relationship with Bud, Gilbert Ling, CO2, Yandel Henderson, and more.
  3. tastyfood

    Am I using my Capnometer correctly?

    I have been learning how to use a capnometer for a while, but still have doubts about how to use it at home without attachments. I own the Massimo Emma . At first, I started using it by breathing through the top of the airway adapter, with my mouth. I would approach the measurement as a "best...
  4. tastyfood

    Asthma episode coincides with high ETCO2 (End Tidal Carbon Dioxide), high temperatures, and need to hyperventilate

    I have been recently been posting about my asthmatic episodes, likely due to continued high dose aspirin. I've been trying to prevent the attacks from happening this last week, and have noticed that certain things are sending me to a respiratory acidosis state. I have two cases of taking high...
  5. Mr Joe

    Fraud Case Report : Hydrocortisone + Acetazolamide

    I am trying to dig Dr. Peat mention of Acetazolamide to help retain CO2. I've found a recent article : "We report a novel presentation of deficit in anterior pituitary function with variable immune deficiency (DAVID) syndrome in a healthy young girl presenting in Addisonian crisis with raised...
  6. EnergeticLeo

    Building an arduino-based capnometer

    Hi all, been studying the bioenergetic view intensely for over six months now and have become interested in measuring CO2 as a way to gauge metabolic rate. Georgi talks about it here I'm thinking it should be possible to make one using an arduino/teensy for a lower cost than the commercially...
  7. miquelangeles

    CO2, a common denominator in altered states of consciousness - meditation, mesmerism, hypnosis, fakirism, ecstasy, anesthesia, near death experiences

    The most extensive CO2 research in the 20th century was done separately by Ladislas Meduna and Ernst Gellhorn in the context of psychiatric diseases, consciousness and autonomic physiology. Meduna was a professor of psychiatry and neurology and Gellhorn was a professor of neurophysiology. But...
  8. miquelangeles

    The psychoactive effects of carbon dioxide

    Excerpt from the book Encyclopedia of Mind Enhancing Foods, Drugs and Nutritional Substances, 2d Ed. Carbogen AKA: Meduna’s Mixture. Effects: According to Russ Kick in The Disinformation Book of Lists: “When you inhale the mixture of oxygen (70 percent) and carbon dioxide (30 percent), your...
  9. miquelangeles

    Effect of carbon dioxide baths on the sex and reproductive organs

    Excerpt from the book titled: ON CARBONIC ACID, ITS PROPERTIES - PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL AND PHYSIOLOGICAL; ON ITS THERAPEUTIC APPLICATIONS AS ANESTHETIC, DISINFECTANT, HEALING, RESOLVING, ETC., In wounds and ulcerations; in diseases of the organs of digestion, respiration, innervation, generation...
  10. miquelangeles

    CO2-releasing suppository quickly and effectively relieves constipation

    https://www.nature.com/articles/nrgastro.2014.116 Efficacy of a CO2-releasing suppository in dyschezia: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial https://link.springer.com/article/10.2165/00044011-200525080-00002...
  11. miquelangeles

    Effect of carbon dioxide on animal life (December 16, 1894)

    Excerpts from the 1894 publication: 90 per cent, of the total scientific experiments on the effects of noxious gases on animal life have been made by the Germans and the French, and for the last decade scarcely any experiments have been made by scientists of any nationality, the results...
  12. miquelangeles

    On baths and showers of CO2 - The French Academy of Sciences (1855)

  13. miquelangeles

    Ulcerating breast cancer cured by applying CO2 externally (year 1794)

  14. E

    Bag breathing curiosity

    Greetings All, I have an interesting situation that I’m wanting to run by you fine folks who have frequently helped me on my path to wellness. As some may know, I had dermatitis for about ten years before curing it in the last year or so with activated charcoal. Since doing so I’ve been...
  15. Mauritio

    Carbonic anhydrase II as a biomarker for vascular calcification

    "Several other synthetic estrogenic substances, ethynylestradiol, lindane, PCBs, cause eggshell thinning, partly by altering carbonic anhydrase activity (Holm, et al, 2006). Estrogen and serotonin activate carbonic anhydrase in some tissues, progesterone tends to inhibit it." -Ray Peat Peat has...
  16. A

    Carbogen inhalation opens the blood-brain barrier

    Abstract The blood-brain barrier (BBB) prevents many drugs from entering the brain. Yet, conventional methods that open the BBB are technically demanding, poorly reversible, and can be associated with long-term adverse effects. In comparison, carbogen, which is introduced nearly a century ago as...
  17. DeadCatBounce

    Rectal CO2 with carbonated water enema ? Experiment

    A bit weird thread and experiment. Been having hair shedding issue last few days due to a DHEA experiment for which I posted a separate thread. Yesterday decided to carbonate some purified water with my sodastream and use it on the scalp to see if it helps. While I was pouring the carbonated...
  18. haidut

    Low-dose niacinamide has striking anti-obesity effects

    It looks like the medical world has firmly set its sights on the bioenergetic wave/target, as the number of scientific papers focusing on niacinamide, NAD/NADH ratio and OXPHOS in general has been steadily climbing since 2010. That would be good news, despite the attempts of companies such as...
  19. haidut

    Hypogonadism in older males due to low OXPHOS

    I suspect many readers will simply say "duh!", but believe or not the origin of age-related hypogonadism in males is still considered unknown. Most endocrinologists have discovered experimentally that treating their patients with SERM or AI drugs restores androgens to youthful levels, but the...
  20. JamesGatz

    Awaken your breathing - Guided breathing exercises and meditations to boost metabolism, reduce stress, and expand our bones

    This will be a thread dedicated to breathing correctly and to awaken our breathing systems - respiration/breathing are extremely important to metabolic health and is definitely a field that I believe this many on the forum will benefit from ***** Full Credit to The Great Work/Kharna Dharma and...