co q10

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    Meningitis due to cerebrospinal fluid leak after nasal swab testing for COVID‐19

    “A 41‐year‐old woman presented to the emergency department, in October 2020, with holocraneal headache worsened by position changes and fever up to 37.7°C that started 12 h. She had no medical history of cephalea, visual loss or traumatic brain injury, or other secondary causes of cerebrospinal...
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    Stimulation Of Skin's Energy Metabolism Provides Multiple Benefits For Mature Human Skin

    Stimulation of skin's energy metabolism provides multiple benefits for mature human skin. - PubMed - NCBI As an organism ages, there is a decline in mitochondrial function and cellular energy balance. This decline is both accelerated by and can cause the formation of reactive oxygen species...
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    Co Q10

    Anyone have any input regarding Co Q10? Good? Bad? Help anything? Peaty? Good brand?