1. haidut

    Lowering adrenaline as effective as opioids for severe/chronic pain

    Most of my readers know about the raging opioid abuse epidemic in Western countries. What most people do not know is that the bulk of the epidemic is not in usage of illegal opioids such as fentanyl, but in legally prescribed opioids such as methadone, oxycontin, and even morphine. There are...
  2. haidut

    Vitamin B6, lowering stress, may treat schizophrenia

    Both human and animal studies. The human study was with pyridoxamine - a vitamin B6 isomer declared by FDA to be a "prescription drug" and as such banned for OTC sale in USA while still being widely available in most other countries. That FDA ruling is pointless due to the fact that pyridoxamine...
  3. Mauritio

    Clonidine Increases GH And Might Lower Prolactin

    So @haidut said on the recent podcast with danny roddy that there was some evidence that clonidine lowers prolactin. I was surprised since Prolactin and estrogen are normally so closely tied together and someone posted a study about clonidin increasing estrogen . I have gone through some...
  4. haidut

    Anti-adrenaline Drugs Like Clonidine May Prevent Diabetes Type I

    Peat mentioned a few times that the pancreatic damage seen in type I diabetes is caused by prolonged exposure to PUFA, as unsaturated fats are toxic to the insulin-producing beta cells in that organ. Many of the cases of new onset diabetes I occur after a period of extreme exhaustion and/or...
  5. Dan W

    KMUD: 5-20-16 Exploring Alternatives

    The official topic is Exploring Alternatives, and covers a lot of additional subjects: Genetics Emphysema Clonidine Seizures Artificial sweeteners Shaky hands Candida
  6. nullredvector

    Clonidine - From Grow-er To Show-er?

    I have some clonidine and I have been hesitant to take it because of the possible ED. I have high blood pressure - probably a compensatory mechanism against endotoxemia induced hypotension. Now I was doing some googling and I came across this guy's experience with clonidine (he was also on some...
  7. A

    Clonidine Is A Nice Med. [Dry Mouth]

    But damn does it destroy your teeth. Ow. It feels like I've been using Coke as mouth wash.
  8. A

    My Experience With Clonidine So Far

    So I was taking Cyproheptadine for a while it truly was a wonder drug. It quickly restored my libido and durastically improved my mood. My view of myself and the world changed, similar to the feelings described when people take LSD. It also improved digestion. But I found my temps still...
  9. haidut

    Clonidine May Be A Viable Therapy For IBD / IBS, And UC

    Irritable bowel syndrome / disease and ulcerative colitis have been known to be affected / triggered predominantly by stress, mediated by the sympathetic nervous system. As such, it appears logical that a drug like clonidine would be helpful and indeed the studies below claim that clonidne may...
  10. haidut

    Clonidine Lowers Cortisol, ACTH And Overall Stress Response

    It is well known that clonidine lowers adrenalin, and Ray has written about it. It looks like clonidine is also able to restrain the other side of the sympathetic stress response - the ACTH, cortisol, hyperglycemia process. All studies below are in humans. So, it looks like clonidine may be a...
  11. haidut

    Clonidine may be helpful for schizophrenia

    Chronic stress is a well-known trigger of schizophrenia, especially when combined with the impression of being "pursued" (i.e. being chased by debt collectors or law enforcement). Other anti-andrenalin substances may help as well. "...This is the...
  12. haidut

    Clonidine May Treat CFS

    Ray has written occasionally about a drug called clonidine. It is an anti-adrenaline drug and is currently used for managing withdrawal symptoms in "addicts" among other things. It has some success for managing schizophrenia symptoms as well. Given that adrenaline is a stress hormone, it is not...