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  1. haidut

    Pregnenolone Advances As A Treatment For Loneliness In Humans

    A few years ago, I posted a thread on the possibility of using pregnenolone as a treatment for loneliness in humans. Pregnenolone As A Treatment For Loneliness At the time, the studies were mostly based on animal models and a small pilot human study. It seems that the results were promising...
  2. haidut

    The Placebo Effect Is Real And Depends On Human Kindness And Dopamine

    Many forum users have read Peat's writings that the rapport of a patient with their doctor predicts the outcome of their treatment much better than any "objectively" proven drug effectiveness. More importantly, establishing a sense of mutual respect, unconditional acceptance on behalf of the...
  3. haidut

    Doxycycline Effective In Human Trial For Breast Cancer

    It seems that medicine is finally starting to wake up from its slumber that has now lasted almost a century. I posted a few other studies on the effects of antibiotics used as cancer treatment. Those older studies also used doxycycline but other antibiotics from the same group like tetracyline...
  4. haidut

    Hidden Side Effects: Half Of Medical Studies Withhold Data On Adverse Results

    The proposed excuse is "limited space" in the publishing journals and of course the incentive to hide adverse events for marketing reasons. I doubt there are many high impact journals left that have not gone online where "limited space" is lie. Who cares if the PDF of the study is 150KB or 200KB...
  5. S

    Could The Blockchain Stop ‘Fraudulent’ Science?

    Clinical Trials Show the Blockchain Can Stop ‘Fraudulent’ Science Manipulated and fraudulent scientific research is all too common these days, eroding “confidence in medicine as a whole which is essential to the performance of its function,” says the clinical researchers. The clinicians say...
  6. haidut

    About 20% Of Clinical Trials Designed Mostly For Marketing Purpose

    Not that this will surprise anybody on this forum but worth a mention anyways. "...We then extracted the trial characteristics, comparing those that were marketing to those that were not and analyzed...
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