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  1. Drareg

    EU exempting private jets from climate taxes

    Its hilarious at this point, the delusional psychopathology, need we go into it? If anyone can afford increased fuel charges for flying it would be those who can fly via private jet yet they will be exempt, of course we know it isn’t about climate at this stage, it’s about imperialism, power...
  2. soul_rebel

    Best Place to Live (Outside of the USA)

    Opinions on what is the best city / country (outside of USA) to live for a Peat centered lifestyle? Additional layer is institutions and political orientation. A thread was recently started for best place in USA. A place like Mexico checks the boxes for climate and sun, but it lacks rule of...
  3. Drareg

    Steven Koonin Climate Truth Teller

    Looks like the mainstream in some outlets is turning against the climate cult, Koonin was an Obama advisor and is not a "climate change denier". The climate cult led by the Swedish omen Greta thunberg sponsored by big banks and corporate groups is basically for profit, it’s a way for central...
  4. haidut

    CNN admits constant deliberate lies on COVID-19, climate, economy, Trump, etc.

    I knew CNN was engaging in blatant COVID-19 manipulation back in March 2020 when for several days in row I saw CNN display constantly a red alert banner that said "This about to get VERY, VERY scary!" Aside from the fact that no serious journalist/news organization runs headlines like that, to...
  5. haidut

    The "Global Warming" Is Actually A Cooling And Is Due To Solar EMF Changes

    In several interviews, Peat was asked by callers about his opinion on Global Warming. He said that in his opinion the official science on it is junk, and that the Earth may actually be heading towards a mini ice-age similar to the one recorded in Medieval times in Europe. He did not speculate...