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  1. haidut

    The "incel" phenomenon is likely a deliberate government policy/psyop

    It is hard to believe that the government would engage in such absurd actions, but according to the article below the US military was convinced as far back as early 20th century that sexual DIS-satisfaction was key to making men angry, aggressive and homicidal and the military designed official...
  2. Peatful

    “BEST KEPT SECRET” Documentary by Sean Stone

    Broken into 6 parts: 1- the Beast 2- mind control 3- compromise 4- the NWO 5- blood ritual 6- Archons Im on part 2 now Watch the trailer for free: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/bestkeptsecret
  3. EchoTango

    The Fake Alien Invasion is next...?

    Dr. Carol Rosin has warned the public regarding Werner Von Braun's deathbed confessions of the long-term plans of the military industrial complex. First the enemy will be the Communists (Cold War), next the Terrorists (9/11), next the Aliens. The global elite plans to consolidate their power...
  4. Drareg

    Future Predictions from Goobal trends 2040 and The Johns Hopkins Center 2025-28

    This report is interesting, just like the past predictions intelligence organizations and think tanks made many came true. The Johns Hopkins Center has released this report, we have covered this organization on here in relation to covid19, Alison McDowell also covers them quite well, they are...
  5. Drareg

    German Study: Laboratory Accident Most Likely Cause of Coronavirus Pandemic

    Sometimes I wonder if the west is looking for an excuse to start a war with China, the perfect false flag for contemporary times would be coronavirus, their has been no reason or logic for lockdowns this excessive, public anger is growing as lives are being ruined, real easy then to get public...
  6. Energizer

    CIA "front" Companies

    CIA "Fronts" A short list of CIA front companies, some may be outdated or incorrect, but overall may be a good reference point to cross-check if something looks fishy to see if it matches on this list and do more digging on.
  7. Energizer

    Vanderbilt Oligarch Heir Anderson Cooper Worked At CIA In College

    Vanderbilt oligarch heir Anderson Cooper worked at CIA in college | The Grayzone
  8. Insaneacinamide

    Ray Peat On The USA Being Inside The Mossad

    @21:03 Ray: Did you hear about the death of China's ambassador to Israel? Danny: No Georgi: Oh no, when did that happen? Ray: A couple of weeks ago. China has been making big deals in technology with Israel, and Pompeo visited Netanyahu trying to get him to stop the deals with China. But then...
  9. Energizer

    US Plans To Break Up China: CIA Funding For Terrorists, Narco-trafficking And Proxies

    US Plans to Break Up China: CIA Funding for Terrorists, Narco-trafficking and Proxies - Global Research
  10. Drareg

    So It Begins, The Propaganda Purge?

    Many of you are probably getting wind of social networking sites deplatforming those with extreme leanings. This thread might be a good place to discuss it to see how it developes and observe the agenda ,it can also help for us to start discussing the who and why of all this with counter...
  11. haidut

    The Government Knows Stress Causes "learned Helplessness" / Depression

    I have had discussions with numerous psychiatrists about the concept of "learned helplessness" (LH) and its relation to chronic stress. All of those doctors flatly denied that LH is a concept relevant to humans and argued that it is nothing more than a useful model of depression in animal...